Shifting Tides, Mercury Turning Direct – Nov 2019

We are in the final week of the Sun in Scorpio, with four more days of Mercury Retrograde (in Scorpio, too). I hope you’re making good use of the Retrograde energy to clear clutter (mental, emotional and/or physical) and to review, revise and/or rearrange anything that’s calling for attention or an upgrade.

Scorpio rules all that’s hidden from the human eye, ruling detectives, healers, psychologists, shamans and doctors. It also rules transformation, making this prime time for healing and integrating issues that challenge your vitality and well being.

If needed, find support to restore your Self to optimal functioning. And so much of what creates problems is mental (thoughts, beliefs), whether conscious or unconscious, that can be shifted and realigned. You have so much more power than you realize when you’re in a low vibe and this is a perfect time to “re”member the truth of who you are!

Mercury has already begun to slow down on it’s Retrograde path, preparing to go Direct on Wed, Nov 20, when you’ll be going back over current territory and issues for the next few weeks. Hopefully with new solutions, ideas or ways of moving forward.

Info may appear that alters decisions or a new path of opportunity may be revealed that changes the landscape. Stay aware and be in the moment, rather than just repeating old ways of operating. Be open to opportunities, with lucky Jupiter in the final degrees of Sagittarius, it’s home sign, where it is extra-powerful.

On Nov 19, Mars (action) moves into Scorpio, giving it super-power to make things happen, just as Mercury Stations to turn Direct. Mars will be laser-focused and intentional, but necessary info may not be fully available. Or it may be incomplete. Observe and be patient.

Reality check: when Mercury Stations (appears to stand still) around Nov 20, it may feel like nothing is happening or you receive confusing info. Don’t make permanent decisions during that time. Be tentative, pencil things in or wait until Mercury gets rolling (Nov 24).

All week Venus and Jupiter (the benefics) are moving closer together, and will be conjunct (same degree) on Nov 24. This means that gifts, blessings, $$, love and opportunities may flow your way, so keep your eyes open and be receptive!

This is a liminal week, fertile for healing and reorganizing, but not necessarily ripe for forward movement on new projects in the world. However, it’s your job to follow your intuition and take actions that feel aligned for you.

The Sun will enter expansive Sagittarius next Friday with Mercury Direct and we’ll be in a major energetic shift then! This is “getting ready” time. So do it!

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