Shifting Into the Full Moon in Aquarius – August 2019

We begin the week with the Sun-Venus in Leo in harmony with happy, lucky Jupiter to facilitate joyful, social energy that expands your horizons. With possibilities for love, romance, beauty, resources and opportunities to arrive in your world.

At the same time, the Sun-Venus combo is aspected by Saturn (The Great Teacher), asking you to do the work or take responsibility for something. You should know what it is. Jupiter-Venus-Sun brings gifts, but with Saturn in the mix, there is effort or discipline required, so no slacking off. With Saturn, you get back what you put out (karma) – and this is also how you create Self-esteem.

A healthy sense of pride comes from doing the work to make your dreams real and showing up in a responsible way.

Jupiter turns Direct on Aug 11 to open doors, as it invites blessings to flow your way. But right behind it, disruptive Uranus (change) turns Retrograde, throwing a monkey wrench into the mix. On the same day. Talk about feeling bipolar!

Expansion or good fortune going forward, while activating unexpected changes that can complicate or color the scenario in unpredictable ways. So don’t get too attached to plans you’ve made…

Uranus Retrograde asks you to integrate the path you’ve traveled since Jan 2019. This is high level development, to stay focused, intentional and flexible without becoming discouraged if a curveball comes your way.

Your intuition is your most reliable guide during changing times and it’s important not to be reactive when unexpected changes occur. For best results, ground and center yourself before making any new decisions. And trust that changes are here to liberate you from something, even when you don’t know exactly what that is. More will be revealed…

The effects of Jupiter Direct expansion and Uranus Retrograde changes will be reverberating all week, into the Full Moon in Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius) on Thu, Aug 16 @ 8:29am EDT. You are moving beyond your familiar world in some way and will experience something new or different, which can come from within you (a change of direction, connection, attention) – or externally. Be open. Be willing to grow and flow.

The Full Moon in Aquarius brings in a few challenging energies that can affect your personal life. Sun-Venus are together (sunny, loving, “we” energy) but they oppose the Moon in independent Aquarius, which needs space.

Here’s the setup: Do you sacrifice your needs (Moon) for your relationships (Venus)? Explore – and do the work to make being in relationships AND getting your needs met a win-win. Yes you can :))

Jupiter is in harmony with the North Node of Destiny in Cancer, asking you to focus on your needs, care and well being. Yes. Your needs matter. The North Node opposes the South Node (past), Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which represents old structures that are oppressive, outdated or not working. Feel what needs to go. Let your needs and feelings be your guide – and go towards the love and care. Every time.

It will be an interesting week filled with twists and turns. Don’t judge. Stay present and know that the story is unfolding moment by moment and what is here today could change tomorrow. 

Be optimistic, focus on your North Star (Higher Truth) and do the right thing. You are being led somewhere, so feel your next steps. Your ego can drag your down (as that holds the fear), but love and compassion will always lift you up.

“Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear… our world grows smaller and smaller.” ~ Cheri Huber

It’s Leo time – and You are the Light of the world. Feel where you’re being led and enjoy the ride!

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