Shifting Into Aquarius ~ Jan 17, 2020

Things feel lighter already, now that we’ve passed the Eclipses and the heavy Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We still have four planets in Capricorn, but Venus is now exalted in Pisces (Higher Self, dreams) and Mercury (mind) moved into Aquarius yesterday, activating innovation and visionary perspectives. Yay!

It’s an Aquarian week, as Mercury squares Uranus tomorrow (Jan 18). Mercury rules mental processes (speaking, thinking, writing), and Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. It rules genius, out-of-the-box solutions and brilliance that can change your life in a flash and initiate a new path.

A Mercury-Uranus square can feel like ADD, with too much info, too fast or confusing changes that stress your nervous system. One step at a time, and take some deep breaths if you’re in overdrive – or an epsom salt bath, walk in nature or meditation break :))

Uranus seeks to advance the status quo in radical ways, ripe for innovation, shifting perspectives and attitudes. Breakthroughs and brilliant ideas are possible when you drop old programming and stretch beyond your usual thinking.

Can you try on new approaches? As we enter Aquarius season, you may be willing to take a quantum leap in some area of your life, redirecting your path in a dramatic way!

The Sun goes into airy Aquarius on Jan 20 and the vibe lightens considerably in the energy of independence, Authentic Self-expression, unbridled actions and freedom. Feel the lifting energy that expands your world when you dare to step out of a rut!

A quantum leap is the unexpected that comes to you with sudden grace. You can open yourself to such a breakthrough, you can even invite it, but you can’t make it happen by struggling harder or insisting on first developing the perfect plan. ~ Price Pritchett

The Sun squares Uranus on Jan 22/23, bringing the unexpected – either from within you (suddenly changing your mind) or via outer circumstances. You can expect some kind of surprise, whether major or not, and the guidance is to be flexible, like bamboo :))

You can also use this energy to make changes that you’ve avoided due to fear. Harness the Uranus mojo, but consciously moderate your actions and words to stay in integrity. Don’t hurt anyone by being insensitive, especially yourself!

Aquarius is Oprah energy (the masses) and it’s the Rebel, too. Doing things your own way. Aquarius will NOT be controlled, so even when they look like they’re cooperating, they’re doing things their own way. I love that. It goes to Authenticity. Some are more graceful than others, who seem to be deliberately oppositional in order to broadcast their independence.

It takes courage to be your Self in a culture that promotes fitting in and being compliant and obedient. But I can’t think of a more worthwhile journey than discovering who you really are and creating your life so that it aligns with you!

We finish the week with a beautiful aspect – Venus sextile Jupiter on Jan 23. Venus-Jupiter brings love, $$, blessings, creativity, expansion and connection. It indicates harmony, blessings, abundance and possibilities – what fun! And grace. Make the most of this special day by reaching out, giving and receiving.

This is a week for opening, visioning, brainstorming and stepping into the new expression of your January 2020 Self. Where are you? Where are you going? What do you want? Ponder the possibilities and feel the freedom in releasing those old identities that no longer fit you. Then when you’re ready, do it!

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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