Shifting Energies and the New Moon in Taurus – April 2017

The Sun moved from fiery Aries yesterday to enter earthy, practical Taurus, with other planets changing signs/directions to create a new energetic landscape.

Mercury (communication) left Taurus yesterday for dynamic Aries where she speaks up, and Mars (action/will) left Taurus this morning to go into social Gemini. Very different energies… which puts Mercury and Mars in mutual reception, as they now embody each others’ signs.

What does this mean? The invitation is to speak up for what you want and then take action to make it happen. Connect. Reach out. Find support. Say it, do it.

A lower expression of Mars in Gemini is using words as weapons. Verbal attacks. Just so you know, whoever attacks has their own cleanup to do. Articulate your needs/intentions and gather support (higher expression), rather than trying to bring someone down by making them wrong when you feel put upon.

Pluto is Stationing (standing still), although it turned Retrograde yesterday. It’s been at 19º since early March and will stay there until June. If you have a planet at 19º (or within 2 degrees either way), you are feeling this energy and it is transforming your life in some way. Pluto doesn’t play – the purpose is death and rebirth around issues of power and how you give it away or what’s hidden that needs to come to light (for better or worse).

Pluto is making her presence known through political leaders and bombs, wars, and attacks. Power used for good invites transformation and evolution. Power from the ego is used to manipulate and dominate, which are lower energies. Don’t engage with bullies or try to outsmart those with power issues. It’s a losing battle, so easy does it. If you are attracting these situations, seek help. There’s something within you that needs to change.

Venus is squaring Saturn, but pulling apart through the end of the month. Have any of your relationships changed? This is “make it or break it” energy, pushing you to stop tolerating unacceptable behavior. This is about valuing yourself and others, so use this energy to re-evaluate relationships, your care and $$ and what needs an upgrade. Then make changes or get the help you need to do it (which goes to Self-love :)).

Mercury Retrograde continues until May 3rd. Use this time to clear clutter (mental/emotional and physical), make amends, reconnect, and gather data to plan for moving forward when the time comes. Practicing patience will serve you well. Avoid drama (stories) and when in doubt, do the next right thing…

Mercury is backing up to connect with Uranus (change/genius) from Tues through mid-May. Wow! Watch for brilliant new ideas, new viewpoints and solutions, or higher channels of info appearing – or delusional, crazy, erratic thinking and speaking. You decide whether an idea is crazy or genius by feeling into it – and by trusting yourself. Use it or lose it! Stay open to new ideas and ways of seeing things.

The New Moon in fertile Taurus is Wed, April 26th, which rules the Earth, your body, the physical world and your values – what you value and how you value yourself. Taurus loves comfort, pleasure, practical things and the material world, always wanting to know: what is mine (my things) – and where is my money? And this New Moon in Taurus has the Mercury/Uranus conjunction in it, which invites new ways of thinking. What a gift!

If Taurus rules your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign, money is a BIG deal for you. Security. What you can count on. Yes, it’s major. This is not the “living on the edge” or take a financial risk sign – and it’s a stretch for you to move beyond super-attachment to security. What about trusting that you can create what you need? That’s the development that can create movement to open up your world. Maybe Mercury/Uranus will give you an idea :))

Taurus is a builder, moving slowly and steadily with a plan. It is the energy of manifesting abundance – and it appreciates comfort more than any sign in the zodiac, so yes – get a massage, fresh flowers, relax in your comfy furniture and have a great meal! We can all learn this lesson from slow moving Taurus (what’s the rush anyway?).

I hope your life unfolds in pleasing and productive ways this week. Decide to create it that way, no matter what you’re facing. Know that you chose this on some level, and make the most of it for your growth, evolution and empowered Beingness.

Namaste, Pioneers. I’m so grateful that we’re together on this journey.


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