Shakeup to Wake Up! – Dec 8, 2017

We are in a Mercury Retrograde collective shakeup, where information is coming to light that changes the landscape. The purpose? To wake us up!

Life is being rearranged as clearings are happening via weather events and political events that are followed by new mental/emotional attitudes and perspectives.

It is breathtaking to witness the breakdown of old structures that have created our operating systems for many decades – and to know that we’re part of the change.

This week is a time of looking backward, honoring where you’ve been and what you’ve learned and looking forward toward where you want to go.

Saturn (authority) is in the final degrees of Sagittarius along with Mercury, asking you to reassess your beliefs that will determine what you’ll be carrying forward into the New Year.

What do you want to focus on/develop and what do you need to let go of?

Mercury and Saturn are traveling together in a cycle that began on Nov 28 and goes through the weekend of Jan 13, ’18. This supports decisions and bringing ideas (Mercury) into form (Saturn), as well as creating new ways of thinking and processing information. Trust that you are incubating creations for the New Year…

We have four planets in fiery Sagittarius and it’s the last full week for Saturn there and then it moves into it’s own sign of hardworking Capricorn on Dec 20. This is a good time for big, bold stretches and explorations in consciousness before you get down to business. Let your intuition and inspiration guide you forward to uncharted territory aligned with your Higher Truth.

Mars (action/will) moves from polite Libra into powerful Scorpio tomorrow, focused on making things happen and bringing up more of what’s hidden. Expansive Jupiter is already in Scorpio and with Mars on board, these two planets will dig up the dirt where there is any covert action going on. Stay tuned.

Personally, make the most of the Mercury Retrograde enforced slowdown by getting organized, clearing anything that’s outdated, complete, or clutter and think twice before making major decisions of any consequence. Slower is better.

And remember, decisions are a good thing as long as they’re not made in reaction or contraction. Get into a high vibration and then decide.

If you shop for gifts this week, make sure you can return anything that’s not quite right. Just allow yourself space for wiggle room.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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