Second New Moon in Cancer – July 2020

We’re approaching the second New Moon in Cancer (Mon, July 20 @ 10:33am PT), so all weekend we’re under a waning Moon, a liminal time when you are in the dark. As I’ve said many times, nobody knows what’s true or real these days – and whatever you think is real depends on your view of reality (note the polarization around data, Covid, masks). Don’t devolve into debate on these topics, rather, keep the focus on what you can control (You and your path).

This New Moon in Cancer (the last one was a Solar Eclipse) is a second chance to focus on Cancer issues – your needs, feelings, personal life, family and your deepest roots. What has happened since the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st – and what is still calling for attention regarding these topics? 

This New Moon in Cancer opposes Saturn. This is a call to strengthen your Inner Authority (trusting your Self), as well as the structures in your life, in order to get your needs met and to feel secure. 

Saturn (Lord of Karma) is a major player through December and you get back what you put in, so do your work, whether it’s education or training you need to be more viable going forward – or taking responsibility for some aspect of life that you’ve been avoiding. You should know what you need to face and practical efforts will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine in advance. 

Also, Saturn opposing the New Moon in Cancer invites you to decide what is valuable for you going forward. This means reconsidering behaviors, ways of operating, relationships and priorities, in order to align your life with the new world that is changing moment by moment. 

How can you use the shutdown energy for your benefit? It’s perfect quiet time to learn, grow, create, and do inner work to prepare for coming out anew in 2021. 

The energy shifts dramatically on July 22 when the Sun enters its home sign of Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun, sign of play, creativity, self-expression, romance, and circumstances in which you are the leader or take center-stage. Let your Light shine!

Self-expression is vital to experiencing a feeling of wholeness, so find a way to express yourself and be creative! For artists, this is a perfect time to start a new project and for everyone, find a way to create something that brings you joy, whether anyone sees it or not. It’s for you (and you may have more talent than you realize!).

Leo didn’t come here to take orders from others or to be one of the gang – it came to be the leader, visionary and inspired. The highest expression of Leo is to be the Light for those who can’t find their own – and to empower them. It’s a big job – especially the high expression, which requires integrity as you lead the way, so honor yourself when you are willing to step up and take charge. This is not about ego, this is about service when it’s done well. 

Also on July 22, Mercury sextiles Uranus, activating genius, brilliance and out of the box thinking that you can use in service to your creativity and Self-expression. Oh boy, what a gift!

Work and creativity – a new beginning that includes making decisions in order to create a future that will serve you and others. With no clear roadmap, you have to go within and use your intuition to guide you forward each step of the way.

We are re-creating the world and we need you to be in the highest, most Authentic version of your Self. The beliefs you hold and the choices you make determine the experience you have, as well as the contributions you make. 

When making decisions, check to see what your motivation is – inspiration, expansion, alignment, Higher Truth – or fear, protection, security? Security has its place, but not as the dominant Ruler of your consciousness. 

Fear will keep you locked in a protective mode that is profoundly limiting, because the unknown will always feel threatening, rather than offering possibilities or a canvas upon which you can create. 

If you don’t feel safe, get help to shift that (it’s doable – and your job). Fear creates contraction and it’s debilitating to live that way, which these changing times will continue to reinforce. You deserve the freedom of feeling safe and joy of being creative. Let creativity walk you beyond your fear… (just an idea). 

Make your New Moon Intentions on July 20 after 10:32am PDT (write them down) – and include your Leo actions to express your leadership, creativity and service to the world! You being You is service.

We are creating the New Earth. Your presence matters – and you are having a makeover!

“Great masters neither want nor need your worship. Your greatest gift to them and yourself is to emulate their divinity by claiming your own.” ~ Alan Cohen

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 

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