Second Full Moon in Aquarius / Sun in Virgo – August 22, 2021

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The Great Awakener, Uranus, begins its Retrograde journey on Aug 20 with a flowing trine to Mercury, activating positive changes, innovations and brainstorms. Enjoy the “easy button!” Be open to new solutions, ideas and communications that just pop in and pay attention to the messages you receive at this time, verbal AND nonverbal. That is the invitation during these destabilizing times – the universe is whispering (loudly!) new info – try something different! 

We enter Aug 22 with a trine from Mars to Uranus, that facilitates any actions you take on this action-packed day, with three astrological events occurring. Mars-Uranus serves your genius for original methods or approaches to operations or problem-solving. Go your own way and do your thing! Do not ask for approval, agreement or permission!

The second Full Moon in Aquarius is on Aug 22 @ 5:02am PDT at 29º. The first Full Moon in Aquarius was on July 23 @ 1º Aquarius and it had Pluto and Saturn beside it, making it heavy and oppressive. This Full Moon is conjunct uplifting Jupiter, giving you the impetus to take the next step to handle some unfinished business from the first Full Moon in Aquarius – or from an earlier time. 

This is a hopeful Full Moon, propelling you to stretch forward emotionally and connect with your ideals and your Higher Truth. Feel into where you are going and what you want for yourself (big picture). Your well being and alignment with your Self serves the world.

The Sun moves into Virgo at 2:35pm PDT on Aug 22, sign of health, wellness and service. Virgo rules order, systems and details – and is fanatical about analysis and getting things right! Discernment is a Virgo quality – knowing what’s useful and what’s not, which is of primary importance now. Don’t obsess over things that really aren’t important just because you were programmed to be that way or because others do it. YOU decide what’s important to YOU. 

Virgo inspires you to clear clutter, organize, repurpose, help and make practical plans for the coming months. This is a perfect time to check your diet and exercise routines – and all other rituals that support your well being. Use the Uranus energy to change anything that is stagnant or not working. A shakeup can be activating and creates new neural pathways, so don’t resist trying a new workout or food program if you want to. Also, visit your dentist, doctors, alternative healthcare practitioners and those who form your network of care if it’s been a while. Get the care, receive the love :)) 

Venus trines Saturn on Aug 23, which stabilizes anything that came in over the weekend (Uranus or Jupiter can bring the changes or stretches). Venus is your values, beauty, $$, love and relationships and Saturn creates lasting structures. Yes, yes, yes! Make agreements, get the beauty treatment, haircut, contract, vows, whatever you want to stick.

Mercury opposes Neptune on Aug 24 and we don’t know what’s true in the messages we hear today. We may be in fantasyland or we may be deceived. Artists, creatives, intuitives and spiritual practices are all supported – fact finders will have problems. If you need specific data, wait until Aug 26 to get the most accurate info.

On Aug 26, Mercury trines Pluto, which favors problem-solving, research, detective work, psychological exploration or healing work. Pluto rules what’s hidden, so there’s always a chance of something being revealed that you didn’t know before. This is also great energy for sales or persuasion, especially if you have a product or service that you know can help others and you have to explain how it works. Mercury in Virgo has the details and will break it down, piece by piece. This is the best for getting detailed work done that can ordinarily be tedious – today will give you the focus you need.

Conventional wisdom is “the way we’ve always done it.” Uranus is the anti-conventional wisdom planet. Whenever you’re tempted to follow the same old path, ask yourself if this is really want you want or if you’re on auto-pilot. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about being Authentic. Is this really You? That is the question…

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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