Saturn Turns Direct – October 2021

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On Oct 9 we are at the midpoint of this Mercury Retrograde cycle, with Mercury conjunct the Sun. This aspect can indicate access to solutions, important news, communications or connections that are significant for you going forward and can help to transcend some of your Mercury Retrograde issues. Pay attention, stay awake! 

Also on Oct 9, Mars is conjunct the Sun and Mercury, heating things up. Mars wants to move, NOW, and it’s in a weak position, so it’s impatient and pushy. Be mindful of what you say and do. Take actions consciously and adjust your expectations, if you experience delays or obstacles. They will actually benefit you because there are things you don’t know yet. When Mercury turns Direct next week you will know more. Get your frustration out in constructive ways if you’re feeling it, but don’t sabotage yourself or hurt others by acting out. Don’t do it. 

Next on Oct 9, the Moon, Venus and the South Node (past) are together in Sagittarius (beliefs). The energy of checking out by reverting to behavior from your comfort zone, that can range from binging on Netflix, to overspending, to chasing an unavailable love interest, to hard partying, to (fill in the blank).

The Moon is your needs, Venus is $$, love, desires, self-esteem, S. Node is old behavior that leads to non-working patterns and the past. You know what you do to bring yourself down. That is one temptation with this trio, just so you know. Don’t hurt yourself, please. 

Or, the Moon, Venus and S. Node can indicate a healing of past relationships that made you feel less than loved or valued, if you do your own conscious healing work. It can be used to lovingly release or clear relationships that are misaligned for you, with those who you no longer have anything in common or feel complete with. 

Saturn, Lord of Karma, The Great Teacher, planet of Structure, turns Direct on Oct 10. When Saturn stops to change direction, nothing happens – and it’s inching along for the rest of the month. Saturn is a career, structure and achievement planet. It makes things happen when you do the work, so even though it’s not moving much, it doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off. 

What have you learned or accomplished since May 23, 2021 when Saturn turned Retrograde? Now it is time to put your evolved mindset into your plans and process as you create your path forward – and it will behoove you to implement the new material you have acquired. You didn’t go through all this to keep things the same! Don’t underestimate yourself – your new perspective is powerful.

Claiming your Authority is Saturn’s domain. Trusting yourself, deciding what is right for you. This is a good time to renegotiate any boundaries that need correction so you are aligned with your evolved Self – or your truth. Old relationships or agreements that no longer feel appropriate may need to be released or revised as you decide what you’re willing to give – or what you require to stay in the current association (we’re still in Mercury Retrograde, the “re” activities). 

Let this be a conscious Saturn Direct experience – feeling comfortable with how you construct your life, your boundaries, relationships, agreements, structures and showing up by taking responsibility for what you are creating.  You are laying the foundation for the next leg of your journey. If something is not working, make it your business to find out how you can change that. Being proactive is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. When you put in practical committed effort, Saturn is your best friend :)))

Venus sextiles Saturn on Oct 13, stabilizing matters to do with relationships, money and your values. Saturn rules commitments and things that last – so this is the perfect time for agreements, engagements, vows, contracts and words that you can count on. 

Venus sextile Saturn relationships are practical and meet the needs of both partners involved, as this is about seeking what’s authentic, rather than passion or excitement. Venus-Saturn is serious about love, money and security – a good day to secure or reassess any important relationships. 

This is the second week this month with a significant planet turning Direct, and next week we will have two more planets turning Direct – Jupiter and Mercury. The forward motion is incremental now, but in Nov we will feel it much more. 

Get your ducks in a row, as this is practical Self-care that will serve you on a variety of levels, internally and externally. You will see if manifest as your new reality, with continuing twists and turns… Stay tuned! 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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