Saturn trine Neptune – Feb 24, ’12

We’re still immersed in the dreamy, compassionate energy of Pisces, sign of Divine Love and Spirit. Again, I remind you to tap into the energy of your Higher Self, the aspect of you that knows what’s right in every moment, for your Soul’s highest path and purpose.

Saturn trines Neptune, which supports making your dreams a reality and manifesting your intentions by taking methodical actions. This energy also supports a new understanding of your Being in the world around you. Allow yourself to be inspired and rise up to new levels of operating in your life.

Enjoy this soft and gentle week before we move into an energetic shift. Jupiter and Pluto will connect harmoniously in Earth signs for the first three weeks of March which activates expansion, transformation and empowers you in profound ways!.

Ordinarily you would be able to take on new challenges that have the potential to affect change and creation in a big way. High ideals can be achieved with this energy and actions are even more potent than usual.

However, because we are in Mars Retrograde and Mercury will be going Retrograde on March 12th, it will affect operations and outcomes during this time, even through you may be hot to trot!

Be prepared to practice patience and plant seeds, which may blossom later. Don’t get discouraged – hold your vision, take methodical actions, and honor the cosmic weather by doing “Retrograde” activities – revise, review, revamp, reconstruct and so on…

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You are the Light of the world. ♥

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