Saturn Retrograde & Resurrection Day – March ’16

saturn spiritWe are still in the wake of the Lunar Eclipse from Wed, and now in the midst of a T-square with Saturn, Jupiter & Venus. Wow. This initiates upheaval and unleashes conflicting energies, which can easily leave you feeling disorientated as reference points are shifting and you may not be sure which way to go.

Today Jupiter (expansion) opposes Venus (love/relationships/$$), which usually encourages indulgence and reaching for what feels good (and then wanting more). However, Saturn turns Retrograde today – squaring BOTH Jupiter and Venus. Ouch!!

Saturn in a square (hard aspect = tension/conflict) is a harsh reality check, which often appears as obstacles, limitations, obligations or responsibilities that feel heavy or discouraging.

But you can decide to take responsibility and handle whatever comes up that’s not working. When Saturn is squaring Jupiter, it usually has to do with where you are over-extended – or avoiding making a decision about something that’s calling for your attention. Jupiter wants to expand and Saturn wants to stay safe and secure.

Saturn squaring Venus usually brings up $$ or relationship issues. With $$, you may have financial restrictions or you may owe $$. Something needs to be changed or handled, so just do it – for your Highest Good – and to relieve the pressure.

In relationships, this is often a make it or break it time, when you decide to either commit at a deeper level or leave a relationship. Things you’ve been tolerating or deciding not to deal with are now front and center in your consciousness – and it’s time to make a decision.

Venus is also the way you value yourself and with a Saturn square, you may feel unappreciated or you may realize that you are judging and devaluing yourself. This calls for a course correction – and you can use this to take responsibility for choosing and creating self-love and appreciation. Then watch how your external world mirrors your efforts.

Saturn Retrograde is a good time to review the structures in your life and course correct anything that is non-working or less than satisfying for you. Set your intention to create a life that nurtures and nourishes you – and then take actions to correct that which is out of alignment.

In mid-April, Mars (action/will) will be going Retrograde until July, with another Mercury Retrograde right behind that — and it won’t be a good time to start new projects for a while, so I encourage you to take action now to begin anything new.

On Wed, Mercury (communication/mind) squares Pluto (power) so watch for arguments, conflicting viewpoints that won’t budge, or power struggles. Choose flexibility, compassion and a detached position when dealing with charged interactions. Or just decide not to get riled up about anything, no matter what :))

Your experience of all that happens in our ever-changing world is largely determined by your perspective, whether uplifting and “make it happen” or glass half-empty, powerless (wah-wah).

Sunday is Easter, or Resurrection Day = a day of rebirth with reverence. During this sacred time, remember – you always have a choice, so choose wisely and lovingly, be responsible, and get help if you need it!

**** We still have major Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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