Saturn Retrograde / Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – May ’21

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This week is will be a game-changer, with conflicting energies that will keep you awake (if you utilize them that way). Saturn Retrograde impedes movement and the Lunar Eclipse strikes like lightning – but Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces transcend the 3D stuff with dreams and intuitive guidance that can offer relief and inspiration.  

Jupiter in Pisces sees unlimited potential. Jupiter wants to lift you beyond the mundane world into the higher planes of creation to give life greater meaning. Have faith, take a chance and reach for what you desire. Because Jupiter increases your confidence and optimism (and this is a square), remember to check in before you say “yes!” to make sure you’re willing to show up for what you commit to.

Mercury squares Neptune on May 22, perfect for creativity and spiritual practices, especially writing, storytelling, photography, art, dance, watching movies and intuitive pursuits. You can channel nonlinear info, but don’t expect specific data that you can rely on today. Neptune can create confusion or delusion in a square to mental Mercury, but the diffuse, subjective lens is just right for a creative/intuitive portal. Think of a Monet painting and that’s Mercury-Neptune. 

Between the Sun-Jupiter square and the Mercury-Neptune square, you can go into fantasyland and make a wrong turn while it all looks so good. Or you can expand your boundaries and create a new path that is intuitively guided or divined. You have to know yourself and what works best for you – and it would serve you to get a second opinion if you’re considering a big move. Maybe sit with it and see if it still feels right after the weekend. 

Saturn turns Retrograde May 23-Oct 11, time to review the structures that you’ve created since Oct ’20. You’ll get a reality check for what you just experienced during the Jupiter-Sun, Mercury-Neptune aspects. If you made decisions, either it’s a “go” or you’ll make corrections – and this applies to all the structures in your life. Saturn is karma (cause and effect), when you experience the consequences of your actions. When in doubt, do the work. Make new decisions that are more supportive if something is not working – and on the day Saturn turns Retrograde, not much happens, so easy does it…

The major event is on May 26 – a Total Lunar Eclipse @ 5º Sagittarius at 4:14am PDT. Lunar Eclipses are about endings, completions or the culmination of things. Something is leaving your life, whether it’s tangible, relational or internal and your job is to align with this new reality. Eclipses are like Uranus – a dramatic change that can be a blindside or a relief, but it’s quick (like lightning) and lasting.

An Eclipse creates a wormhole – a short distance between two realities that’s a portal to a new world. Consider this a reboot of your consciousness. Release the past and open to the Now. Listen for new messages and guidance. Resistance won’t work and will only cause you distress, so be flexible and open to the future, especially with a Solar Eclipse in Gemini (new beginning) coming on June 10. 

To align with the Eclipse energy, let go of whatever has become redundant, complete or outdated for you. Stagnant energy is broken up by Eclipses, as that is the purpose – to be redirected and then you reorganize and regroup to stabilize your life. Don’t hold this as being scary, consider it a “Universal assist,” as the Universe is doing for you what you can’t/won’t do for yourself. You know the old saying, “Let go or be dragged…”

On May 27, Venus squares Neptune – a gentle, dreamy post-Eclipse energy, like a soft pillow to rest on. Made for creativity and spiritual practice, romance and feeling your heart’s desires, as well as selfless service with compassion and empathy. Heart-centered and connected to All That Is. Breathe in the Divine Love that’s available for you as a spiritual practice – or just relax in peace.

Two days later, on May 29, we have Mercury Retrograde, so back up your info, check schedules and travel plans, etc. Tune in to your Inner Guidance for direction. Have faith that you’re being led somewhere, even when you’re in the dark. That’s when faith is most important (and helpful). 

The ultimate power is in trusting your Self, because that is your GPS. No matter what others say, pay attention to what feels right for you and your Evolving Self – and stay open. To thine own Self be true. 

“The problems in your life cannot be solved unless you’re resolved to evolve.” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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