Saturn-Neptune Square / Full Moon in Gemini – Nov 2015


The Neptune Station that took place on Wednesday is still in effect in a powerful way. The planet of illusion is dominating our consciousness as it inches toward an exact square with Saturn (reality, structure, limitation) next Thursday, and you may not really be sure of what’s happening…

The Saturn-Neptune Square

One minute things seem one way – and then you have another perspective when new information comes in. Or you may be very fixed in your righteous viewpoint (Saturn is in Sagittarius, sign of beliefs, religion, other cultures).

Neptune can lift you up and raise your consciousness as it dissolves structures/limitations. The higher expression is an expansive, bliss-filled feeling of Oneness. Lower expressions can manifest as confusion, delusion, fear, worry, disappointment, and various forms of victimhood or disempowerment.

Higher expressions of Saturn: manifesting, structure, systems, authority. Lower: guilt, limitations, oppression/depression, or General Manager of the Universe, taking responsibility for everything and by doing so, disempowering others.

You will feel the Saturn-Neptune square to the degree it’s connecting with your chart personally. What feels scary or harsh, may be the undoing of a structure that needs to be undone so that you can move into a higher expression of your Self and your life (a Neptunian experience).

Or you may experience a confrontation of something that’s been floating in your space for a long time and is now ready to be integrated by you having to face it and make some decisions (a Saturn experience – taking responsibility).

Guidance: be gentle and take it slow if you’re experiencing any challenges, especially around your reality. What is real, anyway? That may be changing for you, as what you thought was real isn’t in the same way anymore…

That’s the Neptune thing – you can’t always tell what’s really happening and that’s what can make you feel like you’re losing your mind (and you probably are, in a good way – but it can be inconvenient in the 3D world). Neptune loosens things up.

If you have to make a major decision, get a reality check from a trusted advisor – but make sure their guidance resonates with you before you take action!

YOU are the final judge of what feels right for you. Stay open, but don’t give your power away to others if you don’t align with what they’re saying, otherwise you’re outsourcing your authority (victimhood). Trust your inner guidance.

We have a Full Moon in Gemini on Wed, Nov 25th, which adds to the stress of the week. The days approaching a Full Moon are always more emotional, but given the Saturn-Neptune square, with Saturn sitting on the Sun – and the Thanksgiving holiday energy/travel, this really ups the ante for reactivity.

This is the week to take it slow, be deliberate and give yourself as much space as possible to move. Stay out of reaction, even when tempted. Rather, take a step back and center yourself before making decisions or taking actions. Notice what triggers you and get support so that you can move through whatever comes up in an empowered way.

Any challenging aspects or experiences you face are really an invitation to address what it is within YOU that is causing you distress. The world is now spinning in a way that is affecting us all with heightened alerts, and you have to find a way to live and contribute that you feel good about.

Your peace and empowerment helps the world. Do what you can for yourself and others in alignment with your integrity. We’re in the trenches now, together. Namaste, my friends.

Pay attention to the Moon Void of Course periods this week, which are optimal times to access your creativity, enjoy spiritual pursuits or leisure activities, and get clear about your priorities.

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