Saturn & Neptune Retrograde – June 2024

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The coming week includes Independence Day (4th of July in the U.S.), which is interesting, as back to back Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dreams) Retrograde Stations may create a feeling of treading water, having to reassess and review recently traveled territory due to feeling stuck, confused, blocked or unclear about your direction or how to move forward. So you may feel a bit dazed and confused – or questioning where you’re meant to be going… and if so, consider this week a Cosmic Rest Stop :))

June 29 – Saturn Stations to go Retrograde until Nov 15, when you have the opportunity to course correct plans, projects or anything that is stalled, faulty, a fail or is off target and calls for restructuring or a fresh approach. Check your boundaries.

Don’t be discouraged if you suddenly realize what’s out of alignment that you hadn’t seen before; with eyes wide open, you can make needed changes or a reboot going forward, whether they are external changes or internal, or both. Sit with it this week and contemplate what might be needed to serve the Highest Good.

June 29 – Venus sextiles Mars for a creative day, with romance and sexuality lit up, but don’t invest in first dates or new partners. Easy does it, as other aspects are prohibitive and you won’t know who you’re really with yet, so give it some time before you form any conclusions if you’re doing a new partner/meeting thing.

June 29 – Mercury sextiles Uranus for lively conversation and meetings with stimulating, unusual types who are not your typical people, bringing unexpected info and/or connections. Or you may have a flash of insight that leads to an innovative path or person. No matter what, this is a mind-expanding or aha! energy that can connect you with exciting people or experiences if you get in the game. Maybe you’ll brainstorm a solution to a Saturn problem you discover on the Retrograde Station… you never know…

Welcome to July! July 2 is a busy day, with multiple celestial events occurring one on top of the next…

July 2 – Neptune Stations to Retrograde until Dec 7, as the planet of Higher Consciousness, imagination, dreams and intuition reverberates – and the invitation is to use this deeply internal time to access the portal to your rich inner world for healing, processing, dreaming and creative visioning to guide and inspire you as you traverse the 3D world.

Neptune calls your energy within to focus on your inner development, so you may have less vitality to engage in daily activities. If you need to rest, do it. Meditate. Walk in nature. Daydream. Nurture your spirit, play with animals and children or whatever soothes your spirit. Dance, listen to music, watch movies, see or make art, read, help people in need. Neptune is the planet of Oneness.

In the Higher Dimensions, ALL are ONE. What a world it would be if we practiced this in 3D. You can do your part by connecting with others – by seeing them, talking to them, appreciating them. They will be open to you because they will feel that it’s genuine. This is how we recreate the world, with Divine Love.

July 2 – Mercury trine Neptune is highly creative, intuitive, spiritual energy, good for metaphysical pursuits, writing, storytelling, dance, channeling and connecting with exquisite sensitivity. The Neptune Station will  enhance your creative, intuitive and spiritual activities, giving them even greater impact. Even fantasyland is your imagination at work, rehearsal to be utilized in some divine way!

July 2 – 25. Mercury enters showy Leo – and is a very different communicator and thinker than it was in tentative Cancer, much more bold and entertaining. See if you notice people being more outspoken, seeking the spotlight. We certainly can use the entertainment, so take a risk, speak up and engage your playful side. Explore this aspect of your Self – what do you have to say?

July 2 – Venus trine Saturn is warm, stable and committed, which is something you can count on in the midst of the watery Neptune energy. This can be a promise, a contract, an agreement or a date, but it’s rock solid and it’s something of value that fills your heart or maybe has $$ value. Good for shopping and creative projects (bringing beauty into form). No matter what, you can take this to the bank (pun intended :)).

July 3 – Mercury opposes Pluto after it enters Leo, with Pluto at 1º Aquarius creating a possible power struggle, a negotiation, persuasion or deep dive for information (think CSI). Whatever the case, be mindful of your words and attitude today, as Pluto can push or pressure to get its way and Mercury in Leo can be  offended if it feels disrespected. If its just you, you can obsessively seek info to satisfy your curiosity or find an answer to a question. Or maybe you have a breakthrough if you’re doing healing work. This can also indicate propaganda, mind control or conspiracy theories, which are all commonplace today.

4th of July – Fireworks!

July 5 – The New Moon in Cancer @ 3:57pm PDT. (next week’s newsletter)

Know that all week we moving through two major planetary Stations (Saturn and Neptune), both in nebulous Pisces that are at a standstill and we are in the dark of the Moon. Use this time to commune with yourself at a deep level for rest, open to messages from above and journal or express yourself should you feel called to do so. You may be amazed at what comes through you!

What you experience this week will create the foundation for your New Moon Intentions next week.

I AM integrating old patterns that no longer serve me.

I AM leaving the past behind and living in the Now.

All is in Divine Order, no matter what things look like or where you think you should be. You have no idea what’s about to happen and what the big picture is, so don’t judge. If you need help, get it. Align with your Higher Self (or Inner Guidance) which is never fear-based and do the next right thing.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.” ~ Chinese proverb

“You are a unique way that love, beauty and Divine Intelligence are happening on this planet right now.” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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