Saturn Direct – Sept 2018

We’re in a transitional time, even though the energy has picked up with Mars in Direct motion, which may have activated the impetus to make a move. If you’re feeling energized, put it to good use by directing your energy in ways that serve you. But it may not feel like time to move yet, so in that case, stay open to messages that show you the way when the timing is right.

Here’s what can create the latest slowdown. All week, Saturn (structure, Authority) is Stationing, preparing to turn Direct on Thurs, Sept 6, after being Retrograde since mid-April. It will take some days to get rolling, but with Mars and Saturn both turning Direct you will soon be able to make progress and build something that supports you. If you feel stuck or sluggish – it if it feels like nothing is happening. Don’t worry, it will and you will get with the energy too :))

Mars powers the engine and Saturn makes things real. The best way to work with these two planets (both now in Capricorn) is to take disciplined actions with commitment and thoughtful planning. Capricorn loves a plan.

Saturn and Uranus are still in harmony, supporting the balance between the old and the new, inviting deliberate actions that will evolve your life and honor your Authentic Self. There’s always something good you can do for yourself.

Neptune is still connecting with Jupiter over the weekend, which promotes Oneness, Divine Love and compassion, as well as creative and artistic pursuits. Open your heart and let your spirit lead you. This is also a good time to create space for spiritual practices that may offer you new insights about your purpose, direction and/or next steps.

It’s important to have a direction or a path that feels good to you. Even if you don’t have a clear vision for your future right now, arranging your daily activities so that they nurture and support you is primary.

Your well being is the GPS for your Spirit because, at your best, you have so much more to offer the world. Enjoy this time of energized stillness as you begin September. You are preparing to launch in some new way soon and this is a fertile time!

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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