Saturn Stations Direct in Pisces – November 4, 2023

Your subjective beliefs create the lens through which you experience yourself, your personal life and the world you live in. Technology is necessary for functioning, but it’s also a vehicle for the media (and others) to deliver images and messages that can become embedded in your consciousness. Be extra mindful about what you allow into your private spheres of influence that affect you deeply. 

Your well being is primary, especially during this time of dismantling, destruction, distraction and destabilizing. Nourish your etheric body and honor your innocence with impeccable care, steeped in the natural and nonlinear world as much as possible (the antidote to nervous system stressors). 

Nov 3 – Sun opposite Jupiter. This can be an expansive, uplifting idea or perspective – or it can be zealous dogma and self-righteous ideals that will not bend. If you’re on a side, you’re in the game. The higher octave is to watch from an aerial view as a witness or observer – not from a superior position, but rather, neutral. Sun-Jupiter can push you to over-reach or overdo from over confidence. Stay high with humility. 

Nov 3 – Venus opposite Neptune. Venus (earthly love) opposing Neptune (Divine Love) can create projections that illusions, idealized visions, deception. This is best for spiritual practices, being in nature, story-telling, music, right-brained, nonlinear activities, Being, playing, leisure, rest, movies, dancing. Enjoy. A nice “time out” for your nervous system (a lavender, Epsom Salts bath) or hot tub. 

Nov 4 – Saturn Stations Direct. Saturn has been at 0º Pisces since mid-Oct and although it’s Direct, it won’t get to 1º Pisces until Nov 29. If you’ve felt stuck, stalled or stagnant, as if you can’t get traction or real movement happening lately, this may be a factor, especially for those with planets in early Pisces. 

Saturn, The Great Teacher, asks you to do your work, to simplify, to create something real and lasting. It’s where you develop inner muscle, responsibility and Inner Authority, as you learn to trust yourself based on experience. It is a game-changer. 

Saturn entered Pisces in March 2023 and turned Retrograde in mid-June. You may have started something that got derailed or perhaps you’ve reconsidered your direction. Now inching forward again, you will be guided to make decisions for “Round 2” of this new model of structure and discernment in intuitive, nonlinear Pisces – and let your consciousness be in flow…

Nov 4 – Mercury opposite Uranus. Mercury (mind) opposite Uranus (Higher Mind) can be a surprise, the unexpected, genius, innovation or a mental download that’s out of the box or a pattern disrupt that breaks up stagnant energy. Saturn stuckness may welcome Mercury-Uranus brilliance – or perhaps it’s a rebellious troublemaker with a message. Info may be coming fast and furious. Whatever it is, it will shake things up. Direct the energy and see what you can channel from your own genius, but trust the blessing of the info. 

Nov 5 – 2:00am Daylight Savings Time Ends. Clocks Fall Back. 

Nov 6 – Venus trine Pluto. Venus wants connection, comfort, beauty, harmony and Pluto wants depth, to be ALL in, to know the other fully. A magnetic connection, it is deep, intimate, sharing secrets, passion, personal, with a power that is intoxicating. So, if you meet someone today who you are attracted to, get ready… It can be an obsession with someone or something you desire. But Pluto amplifies Venus in ways that are hard to control so it takes on a life of its own. 

Venus-Pluto is here to show you something about you and your desires, intimacy – or blocks to intimacy, what you are craving, hiding, hiding from, ready to discover and/or transform. Explore to find out what it is or what it means for you!

Nov 6 – Mercury trine Neptune. The mind in harmony with higher consciousness, imagination, spiritual and nonlinear experiences. Any communications – presentations, stories, singing, creative writing, channeling, gathering circles, family constellations, dancing – all in flow, allowing expressions of Self as portals of magic. Even dreams and daydreams can be fruitful. Follow your magical pathless path…

All these aspects I have noted above are in water (Pisces or Scorpio) or earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), making them all “yin” energies – receptive. Practice allowing yourself to receive whenever possible, taking in the Goodness that is around you and has gifts for you. 

Nov 8 – Venus in Libra. This is one of Libra’s two home signs – the other is Earth Mother Taurus. Libra rules relationships, peace, beauty, balance. Libra is an air sign – it is mental and strategic, focused on what’s fair and justice (the scales). Venus in Libra is the peacemaker, the diplomat, seeking to create alliances, accords, agreements and harmony. Let’s see how strategic Venus in Libra operates during this time of heated aggression in the world. Your role? Can you be the witness, the watcher, seeing from above, but not engaged? It requires a level of detachment that is not of the 3D world, but higher dimensional operating. 

Nov 9 – Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury focuses on info and details, but not in Sagittarius – this is a big picture feel, an inspired vision. Mercury in Sag can be dogmatic, zealous and enthusiastic. This is perfect for politics and religion – a charismatic preacher who stirs up a congregation is as powerful as a politician who inspires their followers. 

Elevate your thinking beyond the usual 3D mental chatter and familiar thoughts to see what is available for you if you go up an octave. Rise to a higher level to find your wisdom (it is there) and then sit with it. Also, Sagittarius is freedom, so what does being free look like for you? Contemplate this and let it be part of the mix as your newly forming nonlinear consciousness is being created. 

Mercury in Sag can be blunt (the Truthteller), too direct for some to handle. Here’s a rule: you don’t have to tell people everything you think. But if there’s oversharing, Venus in Libra will help to smooth things over… 

There’s a lot of activity this week, especially for Mercury and Venus, thinking, feeling, exploring and connecting, with structural Saturn making his turnaround in Pisces in the background. Your world is coming into form even at the most minute level, internally as well as externally – and all this with the Sun, Mars (action) and Mercury (mind/communication) in transformational Scorpio. 

Your job is to maintain a spiritual practice that helps you remember who you are and gives you a quiet space to commune with your Inner Guidance. Wishing you a magical week.

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharishi 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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