Saturn Direct – Aug 25, 2017

We’re in the wake of the Solar Eclipse, activating new beginnings in your life and the world. Today’s big event? Saturn (structure, work, Authority) Stations Direct, after being Retrograde since April 6.

Going forward you’ll be able to put into action what you’ve learned from Saturn during it’s Retrograde to recreate structures in your life that need an upgrade or a redo. Maybe standing in your Authority in a new way or operating with a new commitment.

Patience, Grasshopper (a Saturn quality :)).

Saturn gives back in equal measure the effort you put in, so do your work and Saturn will reward you. No free rides! This is how you build muscle, experience and satisfaction, knowing that you earned what you got. Saturn is the planet of DIY and self-esteem through achievement.

Remember – endings are openings, creating space for something new. So don’t just fill in the blanks impulsively, really feel into how you want to live and what you have to do to create it. Recognize the opportunity to focus on your vision and make it real.

Saturn has powerful support today from Mars (will) and a Moon-Jupiter connection, with a can-do spirit and the mojo to take actions that support your goals. This upbeat, productive energy is a gift!

All week long, happy lucky Jupiter is in harmony with serious, hardworking Saturn, giving you the confidence and discipline to work towards a Big Vision that you may not have had the confidence to attempt before.

Meaningful work. A dream. Stretching and implementing with commitment in practical ways with faith; all necessary in order to manifest something greater – and in the process you will evolve. The real gift is who you become as you grow, as your empowerment is a gift to the world.

Venus (love, your heart’s desires, how you value yourself) moves into Leo tonight shifting from shy to social, ready to mingle and play. Have some fun this weekend to create balance in your life and raise your vibration with some joyful delights!

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Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…


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