Saturn and Pluto Retrograde – April 2019

Pluto turned Retrograde on April 25, intensifying hidden issues around power that can activate transformation (death/rebirth) if you are willing to recognize and take responsibility for what you are generating. Or experiencing. This can be internal (unconscious issues) – or you may become aware of an external matter that affects you.

Ask yourself and be honest: Do I feel like I’m in my power? Do I trust myself? Where or how am I giving my power away?

When unconscious issues/behaviors become conscious and you get clarity, it’s an “aha!” moment that activates energy and empowerment. Pluto serves your growth by bringing hidden matters to awareness so you can make new decisions going forward. Be open to discovering new ways of looking at anything uncomfortable in service to your Highest Good.

Pluto can activate endings or death, as shaky old structures crumble. If you are in an ending, don’t torture yourself by trying to hold on to something that is leaving. Face the reality and agree to move on knowing that you are being led somewhere else.

Look for what’s next or where you’re being guided to go. You may have to take some intermediate actions if your destination hasn’t yet been revealed, to help you find your way. Be adventurous and look forward.

On April 26 & 27 Mars (action) squares Neptune (illusion/dreams). You got lots of practice dealing with Neptune over the last few months, so remember, use your intuition to feel where you’re being guided to go or what you’re being guided to do.

Do not be discouraged if you’re taking actions and not getting the results you want right now. And please don’t be disillusioned with your life or the world (a lower manifestation of the Mars-Neptune square) – focus on the higher expression: intuitive movement towards your dream or inner guidance.

On Mon, April 29 Saturn Stations to Retrograde and you may feel like nothing is happening. It’s a good day for planning, routines, organizing or cleanup work, but don’t push. If you feel stuck, be willing to look at what is not working and see if there’s a decision you need to make (that you’ve been avoiding).

Saturn is your Inner Authority, along with the structures in your life – inner and outer – and it rules discipline and success. When you are willing to take responsibility for what you are creating you can change things that aren’t working to create what you desire. And you get Self-esteem by doing the work, that you never get when someone does the work for you.

This is the great benefit of Saturn and Capricorn: knowing that whatever you create, YOU did it or earned it – a healthy ego development piece. It is not healthy to do everything yourself, all the time. But it’s important to develop a clear sense of your Inner Authority, so that you trust your Self.

Pluto-Saturn is an intense combo (the bar is high these days!) – with the South Node in between them. The S. Node is old non-working patterns, indicating lower expressions of Saturn-Pluto and Capricorn: tyrannical, power-driven, oppressive, negative energy, trust issues, relying only on yourself or working yourself to the bone. Heavy. Overly serious.

Or you may attract the Saturn, Pluto, S. Node energy into your life in the form of a partner, boss, mentor, family member, friend or authority figure.

Whether it’s you or “them,” you will recognize it if it shows up in your life – and if so, something needs to change on a deep level.

The good news? The result of this powerful transformation is ultimately for your Highest Good – but it’s not a quickie. Commitment to doing your work is the gift you give yourself, while staying connected to your dream or calling.

Your dreams, your happiness and your desires (dreams in code) operate as your North Star, pulling you forward to move you toward your greater purpose. The North Node is our destiny – and it’s in Cancer, which rules your needs, vulnerability and care. This is also your work – to get the care you need! (P.S. Your care is actually your stretch…)

And know this: whether you believe it or not, you are prepared for all that you encounter. That’s the magic of life. We are so much more than we realize – and only find out when we stretch beyond our familiar comfort zones and awaken to realities.

The 3D world is being dismantled and rearranged at warp speed – and yet, with Pluto and Saturn stopped to Retrograde, it can feel like nothing is happening! Don’t worry or allow anxiety to lower your vibration and bring you down.

Be curious about where you’re being led, what’s ahead for you and what your heart tells you. Keep it simple and take good care of your body with healthy food, quiet time (nature), rest and relaxation, while you do the next right thing.

The New Moon in Taurus rebirth is coming on May 4, a week from Sat. We’ll have a new beginning and start moving forward in practical ways then. In the meantime, remember that you have a reason for being here now – and a mission that only YOU can fulfill.


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