Sacred Turning Point /Mercury Retrograde ~ February 2020

Happy Valentines Day, whatever that means for you. If you have a Beloved, enjoy the bond of love you share and if you are single, honor yourself and all your specialness, as well as the love in your life. It’s a reverent, healthy spiritual practice for us all, every single day!

We are in a Sacred Turning Point, after the drama of the Eclipses before and after the New Year, as well as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Very wild and heavy energy, which was stressful or draining for so many.

Now we’re moving into a softer, gentler space of unwinding old structures in a nonlinear way. This is a perfect time to decompress and go within. Feel what wants to happen (you will know) – and if it’s nothing, don’t push.

As the weekend begins, we’re already feeling the Mercury Station, preparing to Retrograde in Pisces on Feb 16-March 9. This setup is frustrating for those who want info and movement to be linear, direct and precise, and a relief for those who can easily align with the rhythm of the Universe.

Mercury in Pisces is flowy, dreamy, experiential energy thru which info is divined intuitively; so different from our usual data-driven mentality. Now add a Retrograde to already diffuse communications, where everything slows and swirls around. That’s Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Get ready…

Mercury Retrograde is a time for course corrections, so pay attention to what’s calling for your attention – and be creative in finding solutions.

Along with double-checking details, the path to success with this Retrograde is to downshift, trust and tune into your intuition. You want to focus on “yes-no” questions. Is this right for me? (yes or no). Is this the right time to take action? (yes or no) That’s how you move. Wu Wei, around obstacles, with no struggle.

If you need to negotiate, get very clear with yourself about what will make you happy. Feel the answer, then sit with it. Do you still feel the same way later? That is my formula, unless I’m already clear; and then I just follow my inner guidance. That’s the way through at this time: follow your inner guidance.

Mars (action) moves into Capricorn (where it’s exalted) on Feb 16, as well, creating movement with methodical steps, at best. Mars does well here, and with three other planets in Capricorn, it adds steady drive to building solid structures and taking actions to create lasting results. This is particularly good for grounding the higher energies of Pisces – a nice balance that allows you to bring your dreams into reality.

The evening of Feb 18, the Sun shifts into Pisces and everything softens. You may feel more compassion, empathy, romance, creativity or your imagination may be enhanced as dreams are highlighted, whether in your sleep or your awakened state.

Embrace it all, and allow yourself to shift beyond the rational to tap into creative visions and big dreams! No limits. That’s mystical Pisces… it’s happy in Wonderland!

If you’re a controlled/rigid type, this may take some practice, but practice! Let your consciousness be free and let it lead you forward. Find what inspires you and trust your consciousness to move to its own rhythm. In flow…

I urge you to align with the slowdown, with less analysis and more feeling, more solitude to decompress, and more intuitive guidance as your GPS. This is a break from the usual overdrive of too much info, too fast, and perhaps a life that’s overloaded with “To Do’s.”

Create space for magic to appear in your life. When you are the GM of the Universe, it can’t get in!

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo



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