Rock & Roll to New Moon in Cancer – July ’15


This week you will be invited to examine and explore self-love, self-care, liberation/freedom and power. How’s that for a handful?! Various energies are at work, rocking and rolling – some expansive and uplifting, with others that may activate unhealed areas giving you the opportunity to recognize and integrate them.

We are blessed with smooth, creative energies for much of the weekend, but watch for challenges in the evenings, especially on Sunday night when Uranus (change) squares the Sun and unexpected things may occur.

You may have tech issues, or someone’s actions may catch you off-guard with a curveball. You may also experience a sudden need to break free from the status quo by feeling rebellious and tired of following the rules, prompting an emotional outburst from you (or someone else).

The drive for Authentic self-expression may pop up and prompt you to suddenly drop an old role or identity that no longer fits. Stay tuned… this could be interesting!

Guidance for Sunday night (or if/when you feel blindsided): step back and create some space before you respond to anyone or anything. Don’t make any decisions until you come back to center or you’ll be deciding from an identity, rather than from your Authentic Self.

Monday is a day of grace, with sweet opportunities for connection and expansion. But later that night and on Tuesday, Saturn (structure, authority) squares Venus (love, money, how you value yourself), which can activate related issues that are unhealed in your consciousness.

If you have shaky self-esteem, a fragile or troubled relationship, or a tenuous connection with money, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dealing with some unwanted experience that is related to Venus (love, money, values, how you value yourself, beauty, harmony, peace, what makes your heart sing).

This is one of the reasons I’m offering a course about Venus Retrograde. This is an optimal time to handle any Venus issues that you avoid, ignore, rationalize or suffer through.

Venus and Jupiter are still traveling together in harmony, but if you have Venus issues, you can denude potential opportunities that come your way. Take charge of your life and decide to heal and realign the areas where you abandon yourself. Decide on proactive healing and high quality living!

On Wed, July 15 we have a New Moon @ 9:24pm EDT in sensitive Cancer, the Moon’s natural sign. Allow the energy of New Beginnings to support you as you focus on Cancer issues in particular: emotional needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness, vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

At the same time, powerful Pluto opposes Mars (will) and Mercury (communication/info) in Cancer. There’s going to be something coming from outside you that you will likely have to face or speak up about. It may not be easy, but you can do it. Relationships may be tested at this time, so remember – easy does it and be as gentle as possible with yourself and others.

Cancer is a highly intuitive sign, so practice going within to guide you as you create your New Moon Intentions for this month. Ask yourself, “What does my Higher Self want?”

Remember that messages from your Spirit are never fear-based, so be discerning when receiving inner guidance to make sure the information you are receiving is coming from Higher Self and not from ego, which utilizes fear and lack to “protect” you.

If you feel you need protection (for any reason), you’re carrying the vibration of fear, which attracts unwanted energies into your space to prove you are right. I suggest that you deal with the free floating fear which loves to attach to anything that you perceive as threatening. I suggest healing this piece if you have this.

Sensitivity and vulnerability are highly underrated in our western culture, but they are absolutely necessary for wholeness and personal fulfillment as human beings. So on this New Moon, treat yourself lovingly and honor your feelings.

Commit to nurturing your Self so that you can live an empowered life and be who you came here to be – happily and lovingly.

We have very few Moon Void of Course periods this week, which affects business and planning, so you only have a few times to be aware of when taking actions for maximum effectiveness. You get a little break :))

This is a good time to get your Perfect Timing Guide for the annual price of $111.00 for 12 months.

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