Rewind, Recalibrate & Rebalance – Sept 18, 2015


How many astrological events can we pack into one week (or even one month)?! There’s a lot going on that can change your life – or the way you feel about your life – in reaction to events taking place.

Mercury Retrograde began yesterday and goes until Oct 9, sandwiched between two Eclipses (which ups the ante for potential drama and the unexpected). Reverberations from the Solar Eclipse on Sept 13th are still emanating as events occurred that have changed many lives, directly or indirectly. What has happened for you?

As always, Mercury Rx is about course corrections for things already in process – what needs adjusting and revision. You can even consider it a kind of “rehab” (see my Boulder VIP Retreat). his is not the time to launch something new, unless you’re in the planning stages behind the scenes.

Because Mercury rules all forms of communication (including your precious technology) and ground travel, take extra care when connecting with others and in the way you move through life. Be mindful with your phone, computer, iPad, email, etc. A careless moment can create a big problem.

We’re still experiencing the ripples of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition through Monday, which can expand your consciousness to see a bigger picture that aligns with your Higher Self — or it can create delusion and a fast track to fantasyland (which feels good but isn’t productive).

How to tell where you are? You need to discern what is your Higher Self (spirit) and what is an escape of some kind into La-La Land :))

It may take practice to learn to trust what you “get” if you’re used to using your mind/logic to find your direction (bad idea). When you are connected to your Higher Self, things just feel right and your energy expands. If you are connected to your Higher Self and trust it’s messages, have the courage to follow through on the guidance (the “yes” or “no”) you receive.

The Autumn Equinox is on Wed, Sept 23rd, which is also the holiest of Jewish Holidays, Yom Kippur, when those who practice Judaism atone for ways in which they feel they “missed the mark” during the past year. They clean the slate to move forward from a place of At-one-ment with All That Is.

The Autumn Equinox represents the harvest and balance, as each successive day brings less light and more darkness. This symbolizes the process of going within and seeking transformation. Appreciate the cycles of life, knowing that change is the constant – life, death, rebirth – literally and figuratively.

Fear or resistance will not serve your growth and evolution; rather, aligning with the energy and being aware of what is dying within you to be reborn at a higher level. Holding on to what is complete will impede your progress – so use this Mercury Retrograde cycle to take inventory and get clear about your own personal reorganization.

Saturn went into Sagittarius (Higher Truth, Meaning of Life, expansion) yesterday too, meaning that we are now shifting into the energy of building things that you’re passionate about – and that will benefit a cause greater than you.

Connect to what is truly meaningful outside of your personal life and see how you can inspire, uplift, teach, lead and speak to a higher ideal. This can stretch you in a beautiful way!

Easy does it this week. Mindful and guided by your spirit.

We have some significant Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.


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