Revolutionary New Moon in Libra – October 2017

We open the weekend with a more peaceful energy than we’ve seen in a while. A gift. Venus moves into her home sign of Libra tomorrow and the whole weekend offers the energy of harmony and connection. Take advantage of this aesthetically sensitive vibe by making conscious choices about who to be with and how best to utilize it. All weekend. Ahhh…

On Tues, Mercury (mind) moves into Scorpio to join Jupiter (expansion, Higher Truth) and they ride together thru Thurs, seeking deeper truth and bringing good news and/or activating transformational new ideas.

Watch for revelations and discoveries, internally and externally. This speaks to potential breakthroughs in consciousness if you seek insights and choose to use it that way. Be proactive and create something meaningful for you re: powerful, deep communications or ideas.

Which brings us to the New Moon in Libra on Thurs, which is the time to plant seeds and take action on your new ideas. However, the Moon goes Void of Course immediately after the New Moon until 9:41pm EDT, so wait until Friday to activate something important and new.

The New Moon in Libra is usually about connection, love, relationships, beauty, harmony and peace, but this New Moon is opposed by Uranus, The Great Awakener – in Aries (the warrior), so there’s a whole different agenda here.

Jupiter-Mercury in Scorpio = deeper truth. Uranus in Aries opposing the New Moon in Libra = truth covered up with a pretty, polite picture. Euphemisms. Codependence (using others rather than living from your Authentic Self). Uranus poking you in the ribs where you are hiding, pretending, and/or trying to look good. Truth piercing a false image.

Uranus in Aries, the Revolutionary and Great Awakener, is nudging you (or hitting you over the head) and demanding that you be Authentic and shift to a higher, more evolved expression of your own Truth.

You can either be in reaction to the dramatic changes in the world or you can make the changes YOU are being called to embody and face the issues you have the opportunity to integrate.

Dwelling on what’s wrong in the world while personally trying to maintain your status quo is projecting all the energy externally, which is NOT the purpose of all this turmoil we’re experiencing. It is meant to affect you and to wake you up! Be curious re: what is available and waiting to emerge from within you?

Don’t mean to be so pushy, but this Pisces Sun and Moon has a strong Mars in Aries (with Uranus sitting on it!), and I’m on fire! The 411? It’s time to wake up and step up, with love and connection for the Greater Good.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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