Resurrection: Venus Direct & Pluto Retrograde – April 2017

This is always a special time of year, with Easter and Passover, but this week we also have Venus and Pluto changing directions, which makes it even more profound. This is a time for resurrection – the death of the old and the rebirth of a new, more evolved expression of You.

The Sun-Uranus conjunction creates unexpected events, breakthroughs, displays of confidence or outbursts, by you or others. This energy is about change, so if you suddenly have a radical new idea or desire to do something way out of character for you, do it while being mindful of potential consequences. This can be about daring to come out of hiding, depending on how much you have been suppressing your Authentic Self.

If you are on the receiving end of another’s actions – some part of you is seeking change – that’s why you’re having this experience. Rather than blaming the other, look within to see what is calling for expression within you and find a constructive outlet that won’t do any harm. And enjoy!

Venus is with Chiron (the wounded healer archetype) for the next week, creating openings for deep healing around worthiness, values, $$, relationships, creativity. We all have heartwounds to some degree, so use this opportunity to heal feelings of separation, rejection, abandonment, emptiness or loneliness. This compassionate energy is a gift – please use it! It will change your experience and quality of life (my retreats are good for this).

Venus turns Direct tomorrow – and it will be interesting to notice where healing and resolution has taken place for you. Or how you feel different going forward, regarding Venus issues. You are likely still working things out because…

Saturn (the Great Teacher) is squaring Venus for the rest of the month. This assists in bringing up feelings of unworthiness, rejection, low self-esteem or loneliness. It can also block abundance, activating old patterns of lack and limitation.

Know that whatever comes up now has been within you for a long time. You don’t suddenly get new issues as an adult – your patterns are imprinted in childhood and experienced throughout your life until you integrate them into your consciousness (or heal them, whatever language you like :)).

Discovering deep patterns and integrating the is the only way to achieve lasting freedom and empowerment. Changing your circumstance keeps you at the effect of your environment (and that includes security, based on the material world). The ability to create what you want or need is TRUE security, because if you can do that, you never feel unsafe. You can always create anything you need, regardless of what happens.

Mercury Retrograde (April 9 – May 3) continues in down to earth, security-driven Taurus. Use this time to clear clutter (mental/emotional and physical), make amends, reconnect, and gather data to plan for moving forward when the time comes. Practicing patience will serve you well. Don’t create drama over a “broken shoelace;” rather, take a breath and do the next right thing…

On Thursday Pluto (power, transformation) turns Retrograde through late Sept, giving you the opportunity to review experiences from last Sept until now. The focus is on issues around power and where/how you give it away.

Seeking approval or permission is counter-productive to being self-directed, so look at where you feel doubt, fear or apprehension for clues as to how you undermine your power. This is the time to do your deep work around healing behaviors, habits and patterns that interfere with your freedom and movement.

Especially on Thursday, easy does it. Pluto is stationing (standing still) making it extra-powerful – and Mercury goes into Aries (the warrior). This energy is ripe for someone instigating a fight, mouthing off or being provocative. Don’t engage in power struggles – and don’t comment on what you see (like on FB). That can be as inflammatory as the event/person you’re commenting about.

Stay high. Focus on yourself and what you need to be empowered, so you can be of maximum service in the world.

Namaste, Pioneers.

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