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Relationship Astrology Reading

In order to do a relationship chart, I suggest that you have a natal reading with me first. Here’s why — you can’t know how a relationship will work for you until we’ve determined your wants, needs, values, strengths and issues, so this is Step 1.

Then I create 4 charts — 1) yours;  2) your partner’s;  3) a synastry chart (how you will get along); and  4) a composite chart (the purpose of the relationship).

First I compare your chart and your partner’s charts to see your basic natal setup, desires, needs and issues.

Then, I do a Synastry reading that shows how your planets connect to one another’s, which indicates how you will get along – where the connections are and what the issues will be. You are choosing to face these together and it’s helpful to know what you came to work through.

Last is the Composite chart, which is a chart of the midpoints of the partners’ planets – or a chart of the relationship itself, which indicates what the purpose of this relationship is. It is very thorough, and then you will know your mission, should you choose to accept it!


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