Rearrange with Mercury & the Retrogrades – Aug 11, 2017

The theme of August is shapeshifting (the world and your life), via two Eclipses and five Retrograde planets, including Mercury, as it slows to turn Retrograde tomorrow night. All weekend we’re in the energy of this turnaround, which affects so much of daily life.

Retrogrades indicate going back over territory already covered to integrate, review, redo or allow new viewpoints for any experience, attitude, action or decision you’ve made that feels like it just isn’t aligning properly. If something isn’t right you know, because you feel it.

Mercury is every thought, decision, perspective (and resulting attitude), as well as communications, community interactions, local (ground) travel, plans and purchases. Your thinking may be skewed during Mercury Retrograde and it will serve you to tune into your Higher Self (intuition) for correct guidance.

Everything slows down during Mercury Retrograde – and with Mercury opposing Neptune (dreams, imagination) as well, this really throws linear thinking offline into expanded awareness. Very nonlinear, which is inconvenient for details and spreadsheets, but fabulous for creativity and spiritual pursuits.

Allow your creative spirit to embrace stale aspects of your life via your dreams, daydreams or ideas that arise and give yourself space to Be – in nature, relaxing, listening to music, walking, etc.

You may be tempted go into panic or frustration when plans go awry, but it’s not productive. Every time you face a snafu or delay, use it as a cue to be even more conscious. Stop. Don’t push and try to force things. Take a breath and regroup by reminding yourself, “All is well.”

Surrender to the current rhythm rather than insisting on your speed. It’s like pushing an elevator button over and over. Your repeated pushing doesn’t make the elevator get there faster, but you get all wound up and look like a crazy nutcase :)) The call is patience.

My Mercury Retrograde report explains the nuances of how this energy serves your growth and evolution. You can’t just move through life without time for integration and reflection, and the Universe provides opportunities for that now. The first New Moon in Leo (July 23) was the time to start something new and now we get to course correct things already begun.

The next New Moon in Leo, which is also a Solar Eclipse, is on Aug 21st. Mercury Retrograde in between Eclipses is an interesting setup and combination of energies that create a snow globe shakeup feeling.

Eclipses are wild cards, creating unpredictable events (which doesn’t mean bad), so don’t awfulize and create drama. The best preparation is to handle your “to do” list and assess where you are. That’s the gift of Mercury Retrograde – the slowdown to look at the basics of your life and see what needs attention.

On Mon/Tues Aug 14/15, Pluto opposes Venus, highlighting issues around power and relationships, $$ and how you value yourself. Notice where you give your power away – and why. Another thing to course correct if you are ready to evolve to a higher level of self-love and self-responsibility. You are worth it, but only you can decide that.

This is a profoundly dynamic time – and you chose to be here now. Make the most of your life, whatever it means for you and trust your heart – it will let you know when you’re on the right track.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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