Ready, Set, Action! – Feb 8, 2019

We have a lively week ahead, with Mars (action) in Aries leading the way. This is the go-getter, ready to make it happen; the Maverick, the Pioneer, the Warrior.

And Mars is traveling with rebellious Uranus (genius, change) in the final degrees of fiery Aries through Wed, Feb 13. This is rocket fuel that I urge you to direct by being proactive. Use this mojo to take action to do something new – or a new way. Uranus doesn’t follow the same old, same old. It needs stimulation and loves innovation.

Mars-Uranus squares the Nodes of Fate, activating changes that can clear obstacles or break up stale structures in order to free you and lead to new directions. Trying to keep the status quo when things are changing only invites suffering. And if you’ve been suppressing your true Self to fit in, don’t be surprised if something unexpected pops up at this time. Be flexible and cool in this hot, reactive energy. Your nervous system will thank you for any grounding and care you give it.

If you feel called in a particular direction, don’t worry about having it all figured out; rather, allow your intention, actions and faith to pull you forward. The mystery of life is the grace that bestows blessings upon us when we’re open to change – things we could never have imagined!

On Sat, Feb 9, Mercury and Uranus connect and cook up excitement, brilliance, new ideas or communications that bring great surprises! Create space for brainstorming, visioning, seeking out of the box solutions and creations that can lead to who knows what??? If you have interest, it’s for you!

On Sun, Feb 10, Mercury moves into intuitive, creative Pisces where it will stay thru mid-April (due to the coming Retrograde March 6). Linear types may be challenged by this flowy, diffuse, spacious energy. Feeling types will be like ducks to water :))

You are being asked to feel your way through when making decisions. Your intuition will serve you well – and this is also beautiful energy for empathy, compassion, creativity and spiritual practices. Go with it and use it for your Higher Good. Double check facts to be clear.

There’s beautiful earthy energy as the Moon, exalted in Taurus trines Venus in Capricorn on Mon, Feb 11 and aligns with Saturn and Pluto on Tues, Feb 12. These practical forces can ground the action that Mars-Uranus generates in order to begin something helpful and lasting. Or to keep you from going over the edge.

On Wed, Feb 13 Mars and Uranus will be exact at the same degree – and bang, something will happen. If you need to make a change in your life, use this week to make it happen – or to begin/move the process along.

And then on Valentine’s Day – Thur, Feb 14 Mars (action) slows down and moves into sensual, comfort-loving Taurus. This is a perfect energy for connecting with a loved one (or yourself) for some TLC and a delicious dinner. The Moon squares Neptune and the vibe is mellow.

Venus is in Capricorn, inching toward Saturn. This can be a make it or break it time for relationships thru the weekend, as Venus-Saturn is about vows, commitment and looking for what is authentic. Wishy-washy won’t work in this energy, so if you’re in a relationship it’s a good time to recommit – or get real about what you are doing. Romance is about fantasy, but Venus-Saturn in Capricorn is about going the distance.

Wishing you good orderly direction as you move through the week and positive changes that propel you forward!

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