Readjusting in Taurus – May 15, 2020

After three planets went Retrograde, and two planets and the Nodes of Fate changed signs in the past week, we’re readjusting to shifting sands and trying to find our footing in our ever-changing new world. Thankfully, we are still in earthy, practical Taurus until May 20, which helps with grounding.

With the Nodes of Fate moving into Gemini/Sagittarius (info/communication vs. other cultures/foreign travel/beliefs) – suddenly, we have NO idea what is actually true.

Hidden agendas, covert actions and ulterior motives are being exposed on levels we’ve never seen before, without having certainty about what’s really credible. Russian bots or a factual news report? And by whom? What’s the angle?

I think we’re being shown how distorted info can be and that there are a variety of viewpoints to consider. It lands as data overwhelm and confusion – and right now, we don’t know what to believe. This is probably an opening, rather than being stuck in one solid viewpoint that can’t see anything else.

But on a practical level, when communication or info isn’t trustworthy, there’s only one place to go for balance and decision-making: your Inner Guidance. Your intuition, gut, the “yes-no” feeling you get about whether to take action and what to do.

Mars (action) is in Pisces, which operates intuitively, knowing when and where to move guided by a sixth sense. Trust that. And it doesn’t do confrontation – this is Wu Wei energy that flows around obstacles. Harmonious and soothing.

The Sun trines Pluto today (May 15), supporting you in aligning your will with your intention. Get clear about anything you want to create or make happen and take action toward that. This is empowering energy for you to harness, so use it well!

On May 17, the Sun trines Jupiter, when some blessing is available for you. Be on the lookout, as opportunities can pop up out of the blue! It’s a good day to ask for a favor, launch a project or expand your life in some way. Maybe you’ll just feel optimistic, with a positive vision for moving forward. However Jupiter shows up for you, embrace the Goodness with gratitude.

The Sun enters curious, social Gemini on May 20 and you can expect another major energy shift, with more mutability and movement, especially around intel and communication.

Gemini rules all forms of communication, with a focus on being in the loop, rather than discernment. And Mercury (Ruler of Gemini) is in Gemini too, so there’s a continuous fountain of news swirling about!

The pace of incoming data can lead to ADD, so put the brakes on to establish your own sense of balance and well being. Regulate the amount of info you take in and from which sources. You will know if you are overwhelmed by your intake and it’s your job to create a structure that supports YOU.

Also on May 20, Venus squares Neptune, which is tender heartfelt, creative energy good for spiritual practices, any artistic pursuits (with you as the artist or as the audience). Boundaries are blurry, the mind goes soft and feelings lead the way.

Venus is earthly love and Neptune the higher octave of Divine Love, empathy and compassion. (See my movie rec – “Seymour: An Introduction.” This is a perfect Venus-Neptune movie :))

Venus-Neptune can mislead you by creating a rosy picture that isn’t the full reality of what’s present. There’s a shadow side you may be missing, which affects practical matters, relationships and important decision-making.

When Venus squares Neptune, it can also bring up grief and disillusionment, sadness over the state of the world or losses you have endured. Feel your feelings, but don’t let them take you down. Reach out to a spiritual counselor or trusted advisor for help, so that whatever needs integration can be fully processed for your peace, comfort and well being.

We are all just feeling our way through these changing times. Nobody knows exactly what is coming or what will happen. Trust your intuition and take extra good care of yourself, as best you know how – and stay connected to your support system.

Overwhelm is created by trying to handle too much all at once, so baby steps are recommended for any movement needed, unless you feel good to go at a faster pace. Still… what’s the rush?

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo


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