Matters of the heart. You start off open, with big dreams — and then you grow up and as you experience life, you learn to accept “reality.” And you settle. Rationalize. Strategize and adjust your expectations. Maybe nobody made you feel special or deserving in the first place…

What IS your current reality? Have you given up on dreams and ideas about what’s possible due to responsibilities, disappointments, limitations or challenges you’ve experienced? Likely, parts of your life are working, while there are other parts that you can’t seem to figure out or you try to ignore…

Well, I have some good news! Venus is Retrograde from December 19, 2021 — January 29, 2022.

This is your opportunity to resurrect, recreate or rekindle your dreams – and make them your NEW reality.

Think about your life and how you would like it to be. In the astrological world, Venus determines your quality of life — your money (how you make it, handle it, spend it), your relationships, your ideas about love and beauty, as well as your self-esteem and worthiness.

Venus points the way to your HEART – and indicates WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING for you!

Be honest with yourself and consider:

  • Are you genuinely happy or do you have a feeling that deep inside that something is missing?
  • Do you have the money you want/need – and do you feel good about what you do to create it?
  • Do you feel comfortable managing your money – or does it feel like a burden?
  • Are your relationships satisfying; do you have the love that you desire or are you in a state of longing — or have you given up completely?
  • Are you critical of yourself – do you worry about what others would think if they knew certain things about you?
  • Do you outsource your power by seeking other people’s approval (whether in love, socially, via family, or professionally)?
  • Do you attract unavailable people into your life (emotionally or literally – or both)?
  • Is there separation in your primary relationship due to unresolved issues that you don’t know how to handle?
  • Are you bewildered as to how to create a truly fulfilling life, or do you avoid your feelings by staying busy or using other distractions to avoid them? 
  • Do you wonder why you can never seem to live a life of ease and peace — that there’s always something in the way?
  • Do you have everything in place, but you know there’s something more you’re meant to experience?

start new

This class is for you if you’re ready to discover:

  • What is BLOCKING you from the easy flow of $$, love or happiness – and yes, it IS correctable
  • What is REALLY missing in your life — understanding of what’s out of alignment and what you can do about it
  • What makes YOUR life worth living, that’s non-negotiable for deep fulfillment and lasting happiness (hint: it’s in your astrological chart)
  • Where you’ve ABANDONED yourself and how you play that game (a simple three word phrase will shift you instantly)
  • How to reclaim your POWER and create the experience of feeling nurtured and supported joyfully!


New Way


Venus is the planet that indicates what makes you truly happy — as well as what you will ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE, therefore, it’s profoundly important to your quality of life! Knowing all about your Venus and the aspects it makes in your chart, tells the story of how you love, receive, what makes you happy and how you feel about yourself — as well as what’s calling for your attention and care.

Show Heart

Venus Retrograde is the perfect opportunity and energy to support you in correcting what is out of alignment in your life. You spend so much energy focusing on your career, responsibilities, and your “to do” list — and now is the time to stop and assess your QUALITY of life. Especially now. 

Have you become so focused on achievement and security that how you FEEL is on the back burner, or even totally forgotten?  Here’s the irony: how you value yourself determines what you create, your relationships, and the abundance that comes into your life!

Are you successful in some areas of your life, while accepting less than you want in others? Why – do you think that’s all you can have, or do you think that’s just the way it is?  If you’re ready to change the disconnect between what you want and what you’re actually creating, I’ve got something special for you!

I invite you to join me in this class so that you can FINALLY discover where you’re off course and make the corrections that will lead to feeling better about yourself, connecting more deeply with others, and creating a more abundant, joyful life!


In this class you will learn:

  • New ways to honor yourself so that you feel better — and get more of what you want in life;
  • Clarity around the disconnect between what you THINK you’re creating and what you’re ACTUALLY creating;
  • How to align your current life with your evolving values (yes, they DO change as you grow);
  • What your relationships are telling you about YOU – and how to change relationship dynamics that aren’t working;
  • How to break free of unloving patterns (towards yourself and others);
  • What your money issues are really about (regardless of your net worth) and how to shift them;
  • How to create a “new normal” regarding $$;
  • What may be blocking you from the easy flow of $$, love or happiness – and yes, it IS correctable!
  • Discover what’s REALLY missing in your life, awareness of what’s really out of alignment;
  • What makes YOUR life worth living, that’s non-negotiable for deep fulfillment and lasting happiness (hint: it’s in your astrological chart);

When you know what makes your life worth living, you can organize your life around that (and it’s NOT sacrifice). It’s a no-brainer!

Power of heart


The Promise of Venus Retrograde Home Study Program

This HOME STUDY program is sure to awaken new awareness in you – to provide you with the guidance to make positive changes NOW.
When you purchase the program, you will receive all the recordings, tools, written information and the Venus Retrograde Report.
Your Astrology Reading will let you know where you need attention and where ABUNDANCE is available for you so that you can be open to it! 
This is an extremely important time of DECIDING where you will direct your energy.
Your FUTURE will be the result of the CHOICES you make today!


Lisa E Zimmerman | Soul Level Solutions


Best Value – Full Pay $497


3 Installments of $179 (billed 30 days apart):


3 Audio Modules, Clarity Tools & All Info – only $199


Peter McCarthy, BS, MA, ND, CEO

The skills and empathy that Lisa displays, and the results she helped me achieve, are unparalleled in my experience. Her Venus Retrograde course has been a life changing experience for me. During my personal reading, she shared insights and observations that I not only had never heard from a practitioner or astrologer before, but were delivered in a manner that was incredibly empowering and motivating. If you want to get a better handle on the challenging aspects of your life, Lisa Zimmerman can help you, and do so in a way that will put you on the path to success.

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