Progressive Full Moon in Leo – January 2021

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We are in a palpable shift following the Mars-Uranus breakthrough launch of a new administration inaugurated on Jan 20 – a fresh start that set precedents for women, people of color and multi-ethnic backgrounds in positions of national leadership. 

Whereas it could have been chaotic, it was a smooth and heartfelt series of rituals meant to be loving and inclusive. That’s one expression of Aquarian energy – a shift forward, for the Greater Good of ALL. The ceremony to honor lives lost to Covid, the compassion and call for Unity is Neptunian – a prominent message from this administration. The real work begins now with restructuring and putting plans into action (Saturn). 

When Mercury turns Retrograde on Jan 30-Feb 20, all that we’ve experienced since Jan 15 will be reviewed, as we go back over this terrain to make any needed course corrections. Also, because Mars and Uranus will be prominent on the Full Moon (Jan 28), there will likely be more unexpected or radical changes in store. Stay tuned…

Mars squares Jupiter today, activating high energy, impatience or leaping into action with confidence. This can be beneficial or not, depending on the circumstances. Jupiter is idealistic and Mars is a go-getter; with this aspect you can make things happen – but the square indicates an overreach, so think before you act and be mindful of what you’re pursuing. In other words, be careful what you ask for!

On Jan 23 Venus sextiles Neptune (earthly love and Divine Love), creating a soft, flowing experiential energy that inspires creativity, spiritual practices, beauty and imagination. Nurture your soul and feed your spirit with compassion and your own intuitive guidance re: how best to experience this inner space. 

Later on Jan 23 the Sun is on Saturn and it’s time to get real, make decisions, put a plan into action or do something practical to stabilize your life. Commitments, vows and boundaries are highlighted – for your Self first, then to others. My Saturn-Neptune ideal is obedience to your Spirit, because when you violate your own integrity, you diminish Self-trust. To thine own Self be true. 

The Sun sextiles Chiron on Jan 25, potentially activating a tender spot or personal issue, asking to be seen and acknowledged for healing. Or you may have an opportunity to use your skills to serve and support others. Whether you experience pain or show up as a helper, its all in service to your growth and evolution. But don’t skip your own healing, as you’ll be missing a golden opportunity to receive love and transform your experience of your Self and life. You deserve that goodness! 

On Jan 26, the Sun squares Uranus, which can bring a curveball or unexpected move that requires you to regroup/readjust, or it can be a collective experience that rocks your world. You never know… but if possible, ground before taking action or making decisions of consequence. We’re on the fast track now in the global restructuring, so roll with the changes as best you can. Look for benefits and stay positive for optimal results. As much as we’d like a harmonious Kumbaya experience of change, it will likely be rocky as old structures crumble and resist. 

The crescendo this week is the Full Moon in Leo on Jan 28, with expansive Jupiter on the Sun, and the Sun-Moon opposition both squaring Uranus and Mars. This is called a T-Square and it sets up a dynamic energy of action and tension, especially with rebellious Uranus and warrior Mars as the focal point, determined to disrupt the status quo to make a play! 

Know that this energy can be a catalyst for progressive change, as well as chaotic disruption, so we’ll just have to see how it plays out. One thing is for sure – Uranus and Mars together break up old stagnant energies, which is ultimately helpful. 

In your life, Jupiter on the Sun is a day of thinking bigger than your old ego Self would dare, so use the energy to stretch your vision and then feel where the inner resistance is. Your objections are beliefs that you can address to see if they’re true or just old ideas you use to stay small or still (safe?). Uranus-Mars squaring the energy is the part of you that feels restricted and wants to break the chains. Honor that, and do what you can to open new doors in this radical dynamic that’s ripe for change.

Rather than aligning with what others are doing, align with your Self. Feel where you are being guided and follow the calling of your heart and soul. The great thing about Uranus (the disrupter), is that it will free you from old constraints when you are activated – and things happen quickly. Then you can deal with the fallout, if necessary. 

This is a consciousness reboot, toward a higher level of operation. The old ways are outdated and you need to grow – not by doing more, but by evolving your views, your Being and ways of operating. As we saw with the brilliant young poet at the inauguration, there is a new generation creating their reality with clarity, focus and committed values. Let’s watch them, hear them and work with them. 

On another note, please take responsibility for your words and actions, especially now. You are part of the progressive revolution, which isn’t served by attacking or denigrating others. You can’t preach love and be in integrity unless you’re willing to live it. 

Criticism is a bad habit, which is socially acceptable and toxic. We’re here to hold a higher vision of what’s possible and feed the collective energy field with our intentions and aligned actions.

Do what you can to bring more love and connection, while you channel your passion into service. 

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed to an uncharted land or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.” ~ Helen Keller

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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