Prime Time for action – Dec 2, 2017

Lars sky

We have lots of activity this week and in the coming months with dynamic planets connecting in ways that will activate dormant (stuck) energy and provide impetus to recreate and refocus elements of your life that are stale or complete.

Some aspects are flowing and easy, while other aspects will poke and prod, depending on planetary placements in your personal chart. But for all of us, this is prime time for actions that will advance your development.

Jupiter aligns in harmony with Mars and Saturn all weekend, giving you the green light to take actions that will expand the structures in your life, while stabilizing them – and you – along the way.  Building, launching, creating… all favorable.

Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (structure) are traveling in harmony until February 2017, creating a fertile foundation from which to grow. However, Uranus (the revolution) is opposing Jupiter for much of the coming year, creating unexpected changes (think Trump) that will redirect energy in surprising ways. And this is going to change our lives collectively.

I suggest that you look for possibilities and don’t resist change just because it wasn’t your idea. If a curveball comes your way, see how you can use that energy to serve you. Positive expressions of Jupiter-Uranus are unexpected opportunities, innovative expansion, operating from your Higher Self for the Greater Good, and ingenious ideas to make life better.

Mercury will go Retrograde on Monday, Dec 19th until Jan 8th, and the closer we get to the turnaround, the slower the action will become. So again, right now is prime time for taking actions, especially for making big moves, commitments or purchases. Take advantage of the good energy this weekend.

The Moon is Void of Course all day and evening on Monday, Dec 5th, so don’t make a major purchase, date, or project launch on Monday. This is why I offer the Moon Void of Course guides, because it really pays to know when the energy does not support concrete actions for which you are counting on certain results.

Use what shows up in your life for your Highest Good. Not only will it will serve you, it will serve the collective. Be positive and helpful wherever you can. When you spread ideas that are fear-based or beliefs about lack, you are adding that energy to the collective. Get support if you’re feeling disempowered or off-center – that is a gift for you and for all.

We are on a ride and the world is changing. Let’s make it as good as possible – that’s why we’re here!



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