Preparing for the shift ~ Feb 22 2019

The Sun in flowy Pisces adds to the liminal space we’re in for the next two weeks and it’s important to get the picture. On March 5/6, two major changes will occur and shift the energy dramatically, so now is the time to prepare and take any necessary actions.

Mercury is in Pisces thru mid-April, which can be confusing if you try to be left-brained to handle details (Mercury=mind, Pisces=illusion). Mercury can be confused in Pisces, as its diffuse and flowy, rather than orderly and systematic. The mind likes order!

Adding to the mix, Mercury Retrograde goes from March 5-28, which can result in miscommunication, missing or incomplete info, etc, with a setup ripe for slowdowns, affecting productivity and energy. Mercury in Pisces, with Mercury Retro is a double whammy for the mind trying to function in its usual way. Guidance: tune into your intuition when making decisions.

Next, impulsive Uranus leaves Aries (after 7 years) entering laid back, earthy Taurus on March 6, changing its movement dramatically. Uranus will be highlighting issues around the earth, $$ and financial systems. We got a taste of the energy last May-Nov ’18, and it will be back thru 2026.

Take action now toward anything you want to make happen or get, especially anything new. Or big purchases (equipment, car, house). When the energy shifts you will feel it. Again, your GPS is your intuition when seeking a “yes” or “no.” If you’re not clear re: yes/no, don’t take action.

We’re in the final two weeks of all planets Direct, with Uranus in Aries (hot to trot!). However, the Sun is in Pisces, with Mercury in Pisces, so there is a veil of dreamy energy along with the responsibility of heavy Pluto, Saturn and Venus in Capricorn. Venus sweetens up Pluto and Saturn a little bit :))

Do you get the picture? You can move forward – and may want/need to, but it’s a little bit like operating in slo-mo. Your mind may not be 100% sharp when it comes to making plans and decisions (the Pisces effect), and it may take longer for you to get clarity or for things to line up. Please be patient and allow yourself space.

Two big aspects today. Mercury squares Jupiter, generating big ideas and optimistic viewpoints. Mercury (mind) is hyped up by expansive Jupiter who thinks big picture, super-positive and can go overboard. There are no boundaries with this duo in a square!

And you should know, the abundant optimism with these two can actually make things happen – it’s just that you have no moderation with the square. It’s all YES and GO!! This can give you the impetus to move forward, just reality check please.

Or Mercury-Jupiter can manifest as speaking with no filter and creating a problem (don’t do this!). Use Jupiter-Mercury to open your mind and stretch beyond limitations, then reality check w/ Saturn (structure) in Capricorn. Balance, my friends…

Tonight, Venus is with Pluto, creating magnetic connections (that can feel like someone put a spell on you), transformational experiences (creative, love, personal breakthroughs or financial rewards). The Jupiter-Mercury and Venus-Pluto combo indicates a desire for deep conversations and sharing something real, rather than light, social small talk.

Venus rules love, all relationships, money, how you value yourself, beauty/style and creativity. And Pluto is intensity, deep, what’s hidden (maybe even from you!), issues around power (don’t engage in conflict), and issues of life and death.

I suggest using the highest expression of the energies present for the Greater Good. Don’t let predictions scare you; if so, they are bringing up fear that’s roaming around in your unconscious mind already and giving it something to attach to.

This is a call to get help for your anxiety. I have done it – and continue to do it for balance, productivity and peace. Fear is debilitating, bringing you down and affecting your choices, aspirations and well being.

We’re living in interesting times and your work is to learn, grow and find the best ways to become who you came here to be. It is a challenging and deeply fulfilling journey, especially when you choose to participate in your own care, growth and evolution deliberately.

Wishing you a harmonious flow as you move through the week that gently propels you forward.






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