Pre-Eclipse Mercury Retrograde – June 2020

This week leads up to the Summer Solstice/Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20 and the emotional energy continues. But we’ve been on HIGH for so long, it’s become the new normal – and this frays nervous systems and takes a toll on your mind, body and spirit. Self-care is your job. Do your best to fill your inner well, so you’re not operating on low or empty.

Neptune (illusion) is still coloring our experience, which can be useful for any creative project, spiritual practice, or efforts that speak to Oneness and care for those with less power.

But Neptune can also indicate deception, confusion, despair, depression, secrets, sacrifice and victimhood – and since Neptune rules the media, I suggest you filter info with discernment, trusting your Inner Guidance re: what feels right for you. I keep telling you that we don’t know what’s real – and I mean it, so don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself.

The Sun is in Gemini, along with the North Node of Destiny, which asks you to open to new info and viewpoints, so you’re not trapped in your shadow side of Sagittarius (the Know It All), self-righteous and seeing life one way (the right way).

The invitation is to expand your thinking and to have the willingness to put yourself in the “other’s” shoes; to feel the experience of someone who is different from you. This is a stretch, because its comfortable to stay in your familiar beliefs and to hang with your people.

It may feel disorienting to explore other worlds, others’ experiences and to feel how they feel, while putting aside your considerations for a moment. The willingness to do this propels your spiritual growth, evolution and changes our collective consciousness.

However, don’t push yourself too hard. Neptune can sabotage your energy (calling you inward) and makes you ultra-sensitive. Treat yourself like an orchid, with extra TLC, in slow motion.

On June 13-14 Mars conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Intuitive actions are most effective, utilizing the qualities of both planets to align with the flow energy. This is Wu Wei – a non-confrontational way of moving; going around obstacles rather than meeting them head on.

However, Mars-Neptune can be repressed anger that can erupt in unproductive ways. Or it can create doubt or low energy, disrupting effective actions. You may feel more inclined to daydream than work, so if you try to work and feel like you’re going in circles, give yourself the space to relax or do something to feed your spirit.

Mercury turns Retrograde June 17-July 12 and it’s almost stopped now. Things slow down and you have to slow down, too. Align your rhythm with the rhythm of life. Pushing won’t work. It’s time to review aspects of your life that need attention in order to make course corrections.

Our culture is in the middle of its own rebirth and transformation, with much more intensity than Mercury Retrograde. We have a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20, Neptune goes Retrograde on June 22 and Venus is Retrograde thru June 25. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are also Retrograde, while Jupiter and Pluto meet for the second time on June 30.

There is a cascade of powerful energies raining down upon us all at once, so go gently and don’t make too many plans in the external world until you see where we land. Experiences are dramatic and unpredictable, which doesn’t mean you can’t handle them – just be flexible, observe carefully, and follow your intuition if you have to make a move.

You showed up for this revolution – to help and to awaken. No hiding, sleeping or pretending. This is a wake up call – and high level work for humans.

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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