Post-Solar Eclipse Mercury Retrograde – July 2019

This is a potentially challenging week if you’re trying to make things happen or are attached to a particular schedule, so get ready to slow down and be flexible. Less is more.

Time will have an elastic feeling – either stretching, with things seeming to take forever, or sudden bursts that may feel like a blindside. Your job is to avoid reaction, stay present and decide to remember that All Is Well.

We’re between the July 2nd Solar Eclipse and the July 16th Lunar Eclipse, which creates a wormhole, or short distance between two realities. And if that isn’t enough of a distortion activator, Mercury is at a standstill, preparing to turn Retrograde on Sunday.

We begin the week with an all-day/night Moon Void of Course today (July 5), so don’t make any important purchases or dates if you want to be safe. Anything important that you haven’t started already should probably go on hold, if possible. Use your best intuitive judgment if you must do otherwise and set your intention for the best.

Mercury Retrograde takes place from July 7 -31. Consider this period a “Cosmic Adjustment” in flow, that offers you the opportunity to downshift and reconsider where you are and what needs revision or is calling for attention.

Feel the rhythm of the pendulum slowing, stopping and swinging back over the just-traveled territory, so you can give it another look. Be in harmony with the flow rather than trying to push through and force things to happen (bad idea – and stressful). See the chart below that illustrates the path of Mercury Retrograde (or any Retrograde planet).


On Mon, July 8, harmonious Venus connects with Uranus, allowing for new connections, abundance, style or just feel-good energy. However, it is followed by Mars (warrior) with Mercury (communication) still squaring Uranus (unexpected), which can generate volatility, blunt/harsh words or an attack. With Mercury Retrograde, we are ripe for misunderstandings or miscommunications, so please, be mindful and speak carefully.

Also on July 8, Chiron (Wounded Healer) turns Retrograde, potentially activating feelings of vulnerability or insecurities. Consider that, with Mars and Mercury together on the menu! For best results, be compassionate with yourself and everyone else.

The Sun in sensitive Cancer opposes serious Saturn on July 9, calling in some work, responsibility, decision or obstacle. The feeling is often one of heaviness or depression (lower expressions). The antidote for the heavy is to do any work needed in that moment. Saturn rewards work, so do what you can to handle the situation. That’s what I advise – stay focused and be productive, as this will soon pass.

Warrior Mars squares unpredictable Uranus on July 11, setting the stage for conflicts, accidents or blindsides. Use the higher expression of the energy to find new ways to take action, but stay out of the fray. Don’t get into trouble.

Then the Sun trines Neptune, stimulating imagination, creativity,  spiritual pursuits and connection with All That Is. Beautiful! Use this soft, dreamy vibe to soften any rough edges you may feel – or go to the movies, relax, play in nature. Easy does it…

It is quite a week that can easily test your nerves or challenge your good intentions if you are reactive. If you can be objective and good-natured, knowing that some kind of disruption or delay is likely, it will help you and everyone else.

Do whatever you need to take good care of yourself (North Node in Cancer). Your well being allows you to Light up the world!

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