Post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct – Oct 25, ’14

Mercury Direct

We are facing multiple energies this week that call for an intentional, fluid approach to peaceful and purposeful living. 

We are still in the powerful wake of yesterday’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, which is a profound new beginning and expression of something that is, or will be, deeply meaningful in your life.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse with Venus illuminates empty spaces, heartwounds and unmet needs so that you can take responsibility for magnetizing or creating whatever is out of balance or what’s missing in your life. 

Don’t view your realizations as lack or what’s wrong, rather, focus on being proactive and taking responsibility for creating what will bring out the best in you. Stay positive and see the possibilities (they are endless!).

Mercury is stationing, preparing to turn Direct tomorrow. It will take about a week for communication to be flowing again, as Mercury has to gather momentum before it moves forward significantly.

Pay close attention to new information that comes to light (verbal and non-verbal), as you allow yourself to integrate all that you learned and experienced while Mercury was Retrograde. Don’t be in a hurry, as it won’t serve you. Stay focused on the outcome you want to create and take deliberate actions. 

Fortunately, on Sunday, Mars (action/will) moves into Capricorn for 40 days where it is exalted. This is a grounded, patient, steady, methodical way of taking action. What a perfect energetic support for grounding in reality and moving forward after all the interruptions, uncertainty and changes.

Think of this time as being like after you shake a snow-globe. The particles are rearranging and resettling in your consciousness and in your life. That’s why holding a clear intention of what you want to create (next or ultimately) – and then taking methodical actions to support it creates the container for the particles to settle into. And it’s really all happening within you!

The world that you experience around you is an outpicturing of your consciousness. You have the ability to shift your reality by shifting what you believe is possible for you and taking actions to that end.

I wish you the world you dream of – personally and globally! And yes, we are the Lightworkers and Awakeners on the front lines who chose to be here at this time to help increase the Light.

Never forget how powerful you really are. Namaste, dear friends.  



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