Post-Eclipse Cosmic Reorganization – Sept 2, ’16

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The Solar Eclipse in Virgo yesterday may have lifted a veil for you, revealing some truth you hadn’t known before. Or it may have created a dramatic shift. If so, use it to guide yourself forward through the next few weeks of energetic rapids with the Mercury slowdown…

Yes, we’re in the midst of a major Cosmic Reorganization. Today the Sun creates a T-square with Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dreams) that highlights the ongoing setup for confusion/worry vs. reality (all of which are illusions) based on your perception and filtered through your mind).

Here’s the current setup:

* The Eclipses (Solar Sept 1st – Lunar Sept 16th)

* Mercury Retrograde (Aug 30 – Sept 22)  click link for free report

* Saturn-Neptune square (through late Sept)

* Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (Aug 30 – Sept 5)

What to do? First, have an intention of where you are going. Without an intention you’ll be operating from reaction, which is disempowering. Keeping things the same is not an intention. It’s resistance to growth, so have a vision or goal to move toward.

Use your intuition as a guide if you have to make any decisions, while being flexible and disciplined. Make connections and plans. This is a good time for cleanup, organizing, clearing clutter (inner & outer :)) and making any other necessary course corrections in your life.

Mercury (the mind) is currently traveling with happy, lucky Jupiter. This supports optimism, positive thinking, good news, big ideas, expanded thinking, smart plans that will serve you well and it’s a good time to communicate and to look for opportunities, especially in business. Don’t wait for things to come to you – be joyfully proactive!

Know that Neptune (in the Saturn square) can activate worry, worst-case scenario fantasies, escapism and addictions. The higher expression of Neptune is dissolving solid old structures that are no longer serving you (internal and/or external). In this case, you have to be willing to let go of what is no longer relevant, which can be a high level task if you’re emotionally attached to someone/something.

Trust that there is something more waiting for you to become available. Trust in the magic of life and in your Self to step up and play a bigger game from a new perspective.

You chose to be here now. This time isn’t for playing it safe. You have to put on your big girl/boy panties and decide on the direction in which you want to move. Life isn’t meant to be about lack, suffering, hiding or living in darkness.

Be mindful where you put your attention – what you let in and what you focus on. Love yourself and love each other. Life is precious – and your presence matters.

Wishing you inspiration and clarity of purpose now and going forward.

The Moon Void of Course can easily derail intended outcomes and create chaos instead of smooth productivity – and it is also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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