Post-Eclipse Awakening – Feb 16, 2018

We’re in the post-Eclipse awakening (or aftermath), depending on how it’s been for you. Did you experience a new beginning, a new insight or awareness? And equally important, did you notice what’s complete or over following the South Node Lunar Eclipse of Jan 31st?

This is a period of major change and I suggest that you pay attention to the messages that come through for you. Not only did we have a Solar Eclipse (New Beginning), but it was in harmony with innovative Uranus, which is always about the future and/or something new. So if changes aren’t already in motion, they should be on the horizon, internally and/or externally.

The Sun leaves Aquarius on Sunday and moves into sensitive Pisces, joining Mercury (mind, communication), Venus (values, love, $$), Neptune (intuition, dreams), and Chiron (the wound/wounded healer archetype). This is dreamy, diffuse energy – nonlinear, where you can access All That Is with empathy and compassion, especially for those with less power.

Pisces experiences profound feelings, from Divine Love to deep despair, disillusionment and grief, depending on the circumstances. It rules imagination, film, dance, the ashram, meditation, withdrawal and behind the scenes activity. It is the energy of Being, rather than doing.  It is soft and beautiful in it’s higher expressions.

A lower expression of Pisces is confusion and deception, so be mindful – not fearful. Pay attention to what feels right and true. Don’t just take other peoples’ word for things if it’s important. Do you due diligence and decide for yourself using your inner guidance.

Work with the energy of Pisces by being in flow. Don’t push, confront or try to force solutions. Mars (action) is squaring Neptune (dreams) today, which either means nothing much is accomplished or you operate via your intuition, allowing yourself to be guided forward.

Gently. That’s the way through as our world shakeup continues to unfold. Clear and committed to your path, but taking each step guided by your Higher Self with compassion. Easy does it.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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