Post-Eclipse Astro Events – May 2, ’14

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We’re now in the post-Eclipse course correction. Aspects of life and/or consciousness that were affected during the Grand Cardinal Cross and the Eclipses are now being reconfigured, like a snow globe resettling after being vigorously shaken.

Any unwanted reality that became obvious during April is what you’re meant to be handling now. Any pain you feel is a message that you are misaligned with your Higher Self and it’s time for something to change.

Be willing to do something different – or a different way – wherever your life is calling for correction. It’s amazing how making a deliberate change can shake up your life and your experience.

Sometimes what you need to do is simple, often it’s not so simple. The deeper the pattern is, the more resistance you may encounter when trying to change it. You may think you can’t change it – that there are no good options (that’s a big trap!).

This is the work. Connect with your Higher Self (intuition, inner guidance) – and then take action to eliminate or call in what you need to move forward. If this is beyond you, call in help to guide and support you. You deserve to receive help that empowers you.

Venus moves from compassionate, sensitive Pisces into fiery Aries today for the month of May. This makes the planet of love and desire want things her way – and now! You may not want what you get after you get it though, so think it through. Venus in Aries loves the chase…

I think a lot of nerves are frayed and many people are feeling touchy after having a rough ride in April. It’s challenging to to feel out of control – especially with powerful energies colliding around you and scary media stories escalating drama and fear.

Easy does it this week. Be really good to yourself and allow yourself to receive as much care as possible. That’s my recipe for recovery from planetary turbulence if you are feeling tender. All soothing practices and experiences (especially being in nature) will serve you well.

At the same time, it’s imperative that you stay primary about where you want to go from here. What do you want to create for yourself?

If you want to be in your power – no matter what your circumstances – you need to create a clear intention and then commit to it by taking actions that are aligned with the intention. As long as you don’t give up, you will get there.

This is the best guidance I can give you – my recipe for success and peace and happiness. As always, I wish that for you. 

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