Post-Eclipse Aftermath – July 19, 2019

The Eclipses are over, but not their effects, which can leave you feeling like a shaken snow globe with floating flakes. Good news, though – things will lighten up considerably in the coming week when the Sun leaves Cancer and enters Leo.

Mercury is still Retrograde ’til July 31, inviting you to look at your life from new angles to support your development, evolution and integration. Mercury just Retrograded back into sensitive, emotional Cancer, needing care and safety. If you are enduring discomfort, be willing to seek new solutions or find strategies for support.

Saturn, South Node & Pluto in Capricorn represents old structures, paradigms, and contracts that feel restrictive or oppressive. What agreements do you have in place that don’t fit or feel right anymore?

This is a good time to reassess and renegotiate agreements so they better support and align with your evolving Self. Remember, you’re not who you used to be! The identity that made the agreements is not necessarily the identity who is having to live with them. You want your current life setup to be right for who you are now.

Sun, July 21 brings soft, sweet energies that allow for harmonious connections and a Sun-Mercury Retrograde combo can bring missing info, shed new light on a situation or create some other course correction. Be open to messages that come your way (verbal and non-verbal).

Mon, July 22 brings a Moon-Chiron conjunction, which can poke an old wound or insecurity. The purpose? To let you know what is active and still needs care. It’s a feeling that won’t last long but the message is real, so take responsibility for integrating it if you want to be empowered and whole. Don’t dismiss this valuable info.

On Mon night, July 22, the Sun enters sunny Leo, brightening up the vibe and lifting spirits in the process. Leo loves to party and have a good time, so rather than fretting over what’s wrong, be prepared to focus on what you want to create now and going forward. Leo is a joyful creator, so take charge of fulfilling your desires and expressing yourself!

Mercury conjuncts Venus on Wed, July 24, offering compassionate thoughts and sweet messages – given and received. Harmonious thoughts, connections and solutions are highlighted and conducive now, so take advantage of this other-oriented, win-win energy!

Mars in Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on July 25, creating a path to make things happen, with enthusiasm, to expand your world. It doesn’t get much better than this when you’re creating… it’s a high when your actions are effective and the results go your way! Jupiter is considered lucky, but this is a really a product of a clear intention and aligned actions, without doubt. Use it or lose it… if you need to make something happen, this is your day!

Our world is changing in major ways and your job is to be awake, empowered and intentional about your life and direction. This is the reason for spiritual practice and having tools that empower you to live deliberately, so find the support and care you need.

Take good care of yourself (North Node in Cancer). Your well being will allow you to Light up the world!

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