Pluto-Mercury / Leo Full Moon/Mercury Direct – Jan 22, ’16

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Oh what a week we have, with major energies, a Full Moon, and planets changing directions. Movement is in the air, like the image above. Light and dark swirling together. Where will you put your attention? What is it that you are ready to illuminate?

We open the week with the Pluto-Mercury conjunction, which brings hidden information or deep truths to light. Stay tuned for what may be revealed, externally or from within. This also rules manipulation (lower expression) and persuasion (can be a higher or lower expression depending on the intention of the deliverer).

To maximize your experience, be objective and consider what is revealed without going into reaction. The world is your mirror and everything can be useful if you’re willing to be thoughtful and open. Utilize new insights to make any needed course corrections for your empowerment and evolution.

Strong feelings may erupt and catch you off-guard, as intense Pluto drives your thoughts and communications. Outbursts may bring unconscious/hidden thoughts/feelings into the open – and/or you may attract intensity into your space.

Just a reminder, intensity and conflict activates an adrenaline rush when you are triggered, which can really throw you off-balance. If this occurs, withdraw and center yourself in silence, dropping into your heart and out of your head (the problem area :)) until you feel connected to your Higher Self again.

Whatever “appears” to be happening, know that something is unfolding and more will be revealed…

We have a Full Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis on Sat, Jan 23rd at 8:46pm ET, which ordinarily is a “Me”-centered, creative, playful, romantic time. But it’s in the midst of Mercury-Pluto energy with Mercury slowing to turn Direct on Monday, bringing up material for you to face and integrate .

The highest expression of Leo is to be the Light you came here to be – and with this Full Moon, to use your gifts for the Greater Good (Aquarius). What might you be or create to support, inspire or contribute to the world? What are your special gifts and what brings you joy? Allow this Full Moon to illuminate your path and allow awarenesses to surface that support you in continuing to awaken to your power, for the benefit of all.

Mars in Scorpio (warrior/maverick/pioneer) is squaring this Full Moon (more intensity), so use your will to focus on an intention, rather than getting pulled into drama. And if you do fall into a hole (drama), just climb black out. Don’t dwell on it. During times of intensity, it’s more important than ever to feel positive and proactive rather than reactive.

Mercury Stations Direct on Monday, Jan 25th, so if you experience a slowdown don’t be alarmed, just be patient. As the week progresses, Mercury will pick up steam and new info, lessons, insights, or perspectives will inform your choices and/or direction.

It’s a new earth we’re creating now. Be engaged, be willing to be your BIG Self and show up as the Creator you came here to be!

Wishing you love and blessings as you go. ♥︎

We have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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