Pluto Stations Retrograde – April 12, ’13

Pluto (power, control and transformation) stands still today to change direction and go Retrograde until mid-September ’13.

Are you feeling it? It’s an interesting time, a feeling of “Let’s go!” with all the Aries planets, combined with an undertow pulling you out, of anything that’s not aligned with your intention. That would be Saturn in Scorpio, bringing up all that’s within you and working against you.

Which begs the question: what do you need to let go of?

What attitude, behavior, habit, relationship, responsibility, identity or role is either outdated, counterproductive or complete for you?

Have the courage to take an action to finish, rectify or release that which no longer serves your growth.

We have officially begun The Eclipse Period – two weeks before the first of three Eclipses through the two weeks after the last Eclipse:

• Lunar Eclipse on April 25th – 5 degrees Scorpio

• Solar Eclipse on May 10th – 19 degrees Taurus

• Lunar Eclipse on May 25th – 4 degrees Sagittarius

The energy around Eclipses is dramatic and unpredictable, so easy does it. The less reactive you are, the better. Pay attention and go with “what is,” while making appropriate decisions along the way.

Stay present, patient, and grounded in reality. Launching into the past and the future (in your head) is a recipe for reaction and drama. Don’t go there!

This is the last week of all these planets in Aries, so here’s one last fiery week to initiate whatever may require extra courage to get going.

Venus moves into it’s own sign of Taurus on Monday, April 15th – the day income taxes are due.  Venus rules money, self-esteem, what you value, creativity and what makes life worth living.

Venus in Taurus feels good and is grounding. Enjoy it. Rest in it. Slow down a little with it (massage, flowers, a tasty meal, or a walk in nature). As a counter to the busyness of life, this is can be a nice break!

There are still long Moon Void of Course periods that can affect the outcome of targeted activities, so be aware of timing when taking important actions. Here’s a link to get the Perfect Timing Guide if you need it.

Don’t take any actions that require a specific outcome when the Moon is Void of Course. The Void Moon is good for leisure, spiritual connection and creative activities, but not for targeted results.

Knowing the Void Moon times and acting accordingly goes to your responsibility for creating what you want in life.

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