Pluto Station / Eclipse Wormhole – April 2022

We approach the the Pluto Station on April 29, as the planet of transformation turns Retrograde – and a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30. We are in the Eclipse Wormhole (a cosmic shortcut between two vast realities) and at the effect of Eclipse energy already. Therefore, dramatic shifts can happen, beyond your 3D abilities or awareness, especially pertaining to the Taurus-ruled areas of life (values, $$, love, security, comfort). Move gently, create space for Divine unfoldment and watch the show.

On April 23 Mercury conjoins the North Node of Destiny and you may receive messages, have a conversation or meeting that redirects your path. Pay attention to who and what you see and hear, verbal and non-verbal, as a figurative breadcrumb is likely available for you if you’re attuned and on the lookout.

April 24 bring Mercury square Saturn, when conflicting opinions arise, facts are challenged, mistakes are found and you may have to explain yourself. Objections from others may simply demand more detail – or maybe you realize you need to get rid of fluff and focus on what really matters. Simplify. Clarify. Make decisions. This requires mental focus and effort, but will pay off in the long run.

Later on April 24, Mercury sextiles Neptune, giving your mind a nonlinear “time-out” via music, movies, a walk in nature or an Epsom salt bath. Meditation or any kind of inner relaxation will serve you well and allow you to decompress in Pisces infinite peace and spaciousness.

The Moon is in Pisces on April 25, with five of ten planets in Pisces now. That’s a lot of soft, receptive Piscean energy, with three planets in slow, grounded, comfort-loving Taurus. This will impact your energy level and choices. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to downshift and regulate your rhythm to align with what feels right for your body and feelings, rather than having your inner “drill sergeant” giving directions. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream…

April 26 brings an upbeat vibe with Mercury sextile Jupiter – and you’ll be hot to trot today! Good news, bright ideas and expansive thinking is on the menu, with conversations/info that inspires you and activates high ideals that brings out the best in you! Make the most of this energy – and write down or record whatever comes up, as even a seed of an idea is fertile ground for cultivating when you’re ready. 

Venus conjoins Neptune on April 27, activating the High Heart or Divine Love, which is unconditional – compassion, empathy, the Christ consciousness. Also the ultimate in creativity and imagination. So beautiful and receptive, romantic and a little dangerous if you’re meeting someone new and think they are your soulmate. Neptune can manifest as deception, whether deliberate or not, as it’s the planet of illusion.

Idealizing is a lower expression of Venus-Neptune, which is the best in the beginning (like being high), but when the shadow kicks in and you see the dark side of your beloved for the first time, it can be crushing. So if it feels too good to be true, go slowly and get a second opinion from a trusted advisor.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and with Venus exalted in Pisces, this is perfect energy for  spiritual practices, reverence, prayer and meditation, being in nature, connection with sentient Beings, intuitive practices and creative appreciation/expression. It’s all about what touches the heart. Deeply, with a sense of wonder and awe. Make the most of this exquisite opportunity to share your heart meaningfully, however you do it – whether you channel, create art, connect with others directly or via another medium. 

Mercury trines Pluto on April 28 and Mercury is now in its shadow, as it will Retrograde on May 10. This means that Mercury will trine Pluto twice more (late May, mid-June), so this is the start of something that will likely evolve for the next six weeks. You may become interested in something that captures your attention that you will focus on in a practical way (Mercury-Pluto in earth signs), so that you build or create something useful. 

Mercury-Pluto can also solve a problem, discover deeper meaning regarding a topic of interest or create a powerful Ted Talk, sales presentation, persuasive point of view or dissertation. Stay tuned to see what you manifest with this potent, powerful mental energy with relentless staying power! 

This brings us right to the Pluto Station on April 29, but the energy will be reverberating all week long. Pluto has been in the US Pluto Return, creating upheaval to the point where it is the new normal. Pluto sextiles abundant Jupiter on the Solar Eclipse, either bringing a gift of good fortune and hope to the world or more gaslighting/dominance, so hold an intention for the Goodness you desire for yourself and humanity. 

The world is like a snow globe that’s shaken up and we are surfing the waves. Remember, you are here in the role of a midwife, helping to bring more love and light to a world that is in labor. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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