Pluto Station – April 9, ’11

We’re in the midst of intense energetic shifts and it’s important to understand what’s being asked of you for your continuing evolution in order to move forward in constructive ways.

Discernment, courage and perseverance are all key ingredients for success as you traverse uncharted waters of the new earth that we are creating. Practical, inspired solutions will serve you well in the coming months.

Here’s the current activity:

Mercury is still Retrograde until April 23rd, so all the Mercury Retrograde rules apply: no new projects, no major purchases, back up information/technology – be flexible and leave extra time for travel and be very clear with communications. Clear that clutter and make amends.

Pluto (power/control) stations on April 9th to Retrograde until Sept 16th, giving you the opportunity to review the territory  you have experienced since mid-Dec ’10. What has unfolded for you since then and what needs correction? What do you need to let go of? If you aren’t clear yet, more will be revealed…

Pluto feels most obvious when it’s stationing (appearing to stand still to  change direction), unless it’s connecting to  your personal planets and then it will dominate your entire life!

We currently have five planets in warrior Aries, ready for action! One of the them is Mars (the warrior) which squares Pluto (power/control) all week until April 15th.

This creates a setup for upheaval, power struggles, manipulation and hidden agendas, so proceed with awareness. If you see trouble coming, cross the street! Don’t pick a fight and remember, you don’t have to accept invitations to chaos!

If you encounter someone who attempts to engage you in a power struggle, I recommend taking your sail out of their wind. Without resistance they have nothing to fight against.

Pluto rules everything that’s hidden – literally and figuratively – and upheaval is the Plutonian way of creating change. This means unconscious behavior may come up for healing or unsavory business practices may come to light and require correction.

The way to be proactive with Pluto is to LET GO when you get the cue that something is over, finished or complete! Trying to hold on to a dead, redundant or outdated structure is asking for pain, so be honest with yourself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Let go or be dragged!


Pisces in Neptune –  April 4th, ’11

Mystical Neptune, planet of illusion, moves into its own sign of Pisces on Monday, April 4th for 14 years.

Water, imagination, compassion, empathy and Oneness will all feature prominently with Neptune in the mix.

With the Aries planets focused on the “me,” Neptune and Venus in Pisces is focused on the “we.” Tap into the beauty of creativity, universal love, compassion and empathy to bring you back to your Higher Self when life feels harsh or you feel disconnected.

This is the truth, the place where we are all One.

“The human heart always holds the vision of wholeness, regardless of external circumstances or thoughts that say otherwise. Tap into the beauty, compassion and fullness within you that transcends the darkness.”

~ Lisa Zimmerman

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