Pluto Square Uranus – June 24th

Know that in the coming week we will be approaching the first exact square of Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (revolution) – two powerhouse, strong-willed, fixed energies that are combustible in hard aspect to one another (a square).

Pluto is death and rebirth, upheaval, power, control, covert actions/intentions, everything hidden, and can be domination.

Uranus is your Authentic Self, liberation, the greater good, futuristic, rebellion, chaos and will not be controlled!

The aspect will be exact on June 24th for the first time and will continue off and on and for the next 3 years. Yes – 3 years!

We’ve already seen the crazy weather patterns. Floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes occur at unlikely times in unlikely places indicating energetic turbulence in the atmosphere. There are other kinds of unrest – Occupy Wall Street, as well as political and economic craziness that promises to continue until something meaningful changes.

These two planets are also in YOUR chart somewhere! Wherever they are, those are the areas of your life that will be affected by upheaval or major changes.

Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is in Aries. We’re all feeling this energy of something being “off” or like something is about to burst (or birth:)).

Know that this energy is potent for transformation and the liberation of your Authentic Self regarding ways in which you are not living your truth! So if anything is falling apart in your life, let it go!

Welcome to The New Earth: being empowered and living from your heart are necessary to thrive in the world today. You need strategies for dealing with doubt, fear, and uncertainty so that you don’t lose steam while we’re in this collective unfolding.

In the meantime: easy does it, avoid power struggles, be curious and open to different ways of seeing things, and always remember that more will be revealed…

Have the courage to discover who you really came here to be and be that! If you don’t know what to do, seek support.

Having an astrology reading with me can provide you with the big picture, clarity around the particular issues you’re facing, and specific guidance for moving forward. I’d love to help you!

Keep the faith and namaste.

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