Pluto Retrograde into the Lunar Eclipse – April / May 2023

Mercury Retrograde and Pluto  Retrograde (May 1), leading to the Lunar Eclipse on May 5, as this week can speak to – or begin a story about release, closure, endings, death or upheaval. You may have a significant experience or feel like nothing is happening, but pay attention, as Pluto rules what’s hidden. You may be percolating in deeper layers of consciousness, with buried patterns or aspects of Self activated, preparing to emerge.

This is not a linear process – who you are becoming and where you’re going will unfold over the next 18 months as Pluto moves back and forth from Capricorn into Aquarius. But after a glimpse of Pluto in Aquarius thru June 11, you’re now in the process of blessing and releasing what no longer feels relevant or aligned with your evolving Self and new path. Not always easy, but necessary for your growth and evolution – and if you begin something new now, it’s likely transitional, not your final destination. 

April 29 – Mars sextile Uranus. Experiment, do something a different way, fix broken tech, car repairs or other gadgets. Think out of the box when taking actions to stimulate your creativity and create new neural pathways! This is a high energy duo that wants some action and a payoff – either the satisfaction of a solution or a little excitement. An amusement park, test driving a fast high end car (virtually?), something unusual or innovative, which is all relative for YOU.

May 1 – Happy May Day and Pluto Retrograde! I spoke about Pluto Retrograde and endings above – and Pluto is also squaring the Nodes of Fate (which will be ongoing), pushing you to face fear-based limitations that hold you back and highlights power dynamics that need attention. 

Time to come out of hiding if you’re people-pleasing, accepting the unacceptable, afraid of speaking your truth. This is true for the collective as well, with secrets and hidden truths being revealed on a continuing basis. If you need any kind of detox, be proactive and get the care you deserve (body, mind, spirit).  

Also on May 1, the Sun and Mercury are Cazimi (Mercury in the heart of the Sun), which can generate insights, unique ideas, increased clarity, focus and productive communications and plans. Notice what comes across your radar today, as Pluto has extra power on its Retrograde Station, activating your CSI Intuitive to access in the deep and beyond the veils for info that is unseen.

May 4 – Venus square Neptune. Venus (earthly love, values, $$, relationships) squaring its higher octave Neptune (Divine Love, higher consciousness, compassion, non-duality) can be experienced either higher or lower. Lower expressions are a checkout (via fill in the addiction) due to overwhelm, disappointment, depression, disillusionment or feeling of victimhood. Higher expressions are a deliberate break for leisure, creating art, enjoying art, being in nature, relaxing, daydreaming, playing or connecting with a loved one (adult, child, animal). 

The big difference is consciousness – you are either awake or asleep. If you feel low, take action to shift your state or get help. This is highly creative energy and compassionate energy for channeling art or helping those less fortunate, should you choose to do so. Service heals the helper as well as those being helped.

May 4 – 9pm PDT, Venus sextile Jupiter, the evening before the Lunar Eclipse on May 5 at 10:34am PDT.

This will elevate and smooth out the Venus-Neptune energy with blessings, opportunities and abundance.

May 5 – The Lunar Eclipse @ 15º Scorpio is at 10:34am PDT. This is a major completion or ending that I’ll say more about next week, but it can show up at any time – and if it does, you’ll know it because it will be dramatic and clear. 

The takeaway for the week is: with each step remember, this isn’t the end of the movie. Every realization, awareness and event is a step in your process. If you’re in a challenging space, get the support you need to help you move through it with grace and loving care. Nobody is meant to stay stuck.

Stay high and trust that All is in Divine Order, no matter how messy things look. Falling apart is part of the process of transformation and you should be getting comfortable with that by now. Being reactive is an old program that you could let go of on the Pluto Retrograde and Lunar Eclipse. Try that on. Your nervous system will thank you if you don’t see every unexpected change as a threat to your well being. 

Also, don’t make any major moves this week, as the story is still unfolding with unsettled energy. Wait and watch.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“Stress or stretch? You decide how you internalize every experience.” ~ Lisa E Zimmerman 

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” ~ Einstein

“Right now you can allow yourself to experience a very simple sense of not knowing. If you give yourself this gift of not knowing, a vast spaciousness and mysterious openness dawns within you. Relaxing into not knowing is like falling into a big, comfortable chair; you just fall into a field of possibility” ~ Adyashanti

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