Pluto Retrograde into Capricorn – June 2023

You are on the move, creating your trajectory with every decision you make. Watch the world dramas if you want the latest show, but stay attuned to your Inner Guidance to align with your personal path, reality and direction. The global deconstruction that surrounds us is necessary, clearing a path for the global evolution that will continue to emerge in the months and years ahead. But don’t be distracted from your growth and unfolding *yellow brick road,* where the real magic is…

June 9 – Mercury sextile Neptune – planet of communication and planet of higher dimensions, supporting spiritual practices, artistic pursuits and pleasure, as well as compassionate communications that are tender and healing. This is also beautiful for journaling, creating writing, storytelling, channeling and other occult practices, as well as leisure time. Nice for a Friday… 

June 10 – Sun sextile Chiron – healing issues (false beliefs) around identity, creativity, self-expression, awakening to discoveries re: gifts, talents, openings that you’ve not accessed before (the ultimate thrill!). Removing veils that are so subtle, yet keep you from *seeing* all that You are. Finding practices that open doors for you are key. Quiet and going within is the path… I so wish this for you!

June 11 – There is a cascade of energies and aspects occurring today that can energize you, so slow down if you feel pulled in multiple directions and become overwhelmed. Stop and regroup, then prioritize and make conscious decisions. Especially with Mercury in Gemini and Venus-Jupiter, as they may be ready to party, so remember to hold onto the reins and be the driver.

First, Pluto moves back into Capricorn until Jan 20, 2024. You may be called to tie up loose ends, handle unfinished business or release stale/shaky structures and relationships that have outlived their usefulness. Of course, sometimes that’s easier said than done, when it’s personal and you’re attached to a person, place or object of your affection or security. Know that when you’re ready, it will be easier, so allow yourself the grace (and space) to move when the time is right for you. Don’t push yourself just because you know you should, as Pluto will *help* you get ready – and you have all year…

Mercury trine Pluto – communications that reveal hidden info, create breakthroughs, insights and solutions that are grounded and supportive, empowering you to proceed with greater strength and vision than you had before. This can also create conversations or meetings that build powerful connections and networks that develop future paradigms. Think: strong connections. 

Mercury enters Gemini – until June 26, curious Mercury is in its home sign, where it loves to connect, mingle, socialize, gather info, chat, share, learn, and be in community. You may feel pulled all over the place, distracted by the next bright, shiny object – and you may be flexible, able to shift from one thing to the next with ease. It’s focusing that can be a challenge. Enjoy the buzz, busy bee! 

Venus square Jupiter – is desires gone wild. Venus (what you love) with Jupiter (more!) is indulgence, which affects you depending on how you normally operate. If you are disciplined and conservative, it might be healthy for you to lavish yourself with a gift (whether material or putting yourself first, etc) – whereas, if you are undisciplined, you can go overboard (over-spending, overeating, etc). Over-doing is the hallmark of Venus square Jupiter and it’s fun, so why not (you think)? With Venus is in Leo, it wants what it wants!

With Venus-Jupiter, it depends on your motivation, what the luxury is – and how it affects you. My guidance: enjoy yourself, your friends and your loved ones, but don’t hurt yourself – and don’t use $$ and material items to impress other people. That is a lower expression of Venus-Jupiter – using $$ and generosity to cover for what you fear you’re lacking inside. No, no, no! You are with the wrong people if that’s what you think you have to do to belong (plus, you need healing re: your value). 

June 13 – Venus inconjunct Saturn – a minor aspect that indicates a wound around your value or Self-expression being oppressed by authorities or conventional wisdom, in which you can’t show who you really are without risking judgment from the establishment. 

We rein ourselves in to avoid being ostracized. Notice how you want to fit in to a community or group and what you will do or withhold to protect your space. Even if it’s a rebel group – there’s a particular way of being, language that’s used, rituals or behaviors that are considered acceptable/unacceptable – and we align and agree at levels that are unconscious and tell ourselves that we are being individuals. Venus-Saturn in hard aspect is a fear of being abandoned or judged. Do you have to be pleasing to be loved? Check in… 

June 15 – Mercury square Saturn – this is a reality check. Saturn is confronting busy Mercury, asking you to get clear about a decision, some info, a direction or something – and Saturn will let you know what it is. This may be something you’ve been avoiding and when you face this, you will advance on your path and free up stuck attention. With Saturn, when you do the work, you get the rewards. Like lifting weights, you build muscle – no shortcuts, no bypass. That’s why Lotto winners and Trust Fund babies don’t succeed.

Serious Saturn is going to turn Retrograde and retrace its steps all the way back to where it was in March ’23 on Sat, June 17 on the New Moon in Gemini, so all week we’re leading up to a New Moon where we’ll have a new beginning. You are fertile, so trust what comes up for you, what comes in for you, what comes through for you, who you meet, connect with, are attracted to, what you think of – all of it. 

Get excited about your life and look beyond the obvious to discover the opportunities that are available for you. Venus in Leo asks you to lighten up, even in heavy times. Bring in your childlike magic, your playful Self and see what you conjure up. The world may look heavy, but you create your own universe. You decide what’s happening for YOU. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

Your magic creates magic.” ~ Lisa E Zimmerman

“You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.” ~ Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone

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