Pluto Retrograde – April 6, ’10

We are in the midst of intense energetic shifts in the weeks ahead and it’s important to understand what’s being asked of you for your continuing evolution in order to move forward in constructive ways. With key planets Retrograde, you’ll be going back over old territory to undo/redo, make adjustments and finalize completions that need to happen.

Discernment, courage and perseverance are all key ingredients for success in the next few months as you traverse the uncharted waters of the new earth that we are now creating. Practical, inspired solutions will serve you well in the next months.

We begin with the Pluto (transformation) Station (appearing to stand still) going retrograde from April 6th until Sept 14th. Pluto will review the territory you have experienced since mid-Dec ’09. What has unfolded for you since then and what needs correction? If you aren’t clear yet, more will be revealed…

Be mindful of potential power struggles, control issues, hidden agendas and manipulation this week, as Pluto feels most obvious when it’s stationing – unless it’s connecting to your personal planets and then it will dominate your entire life!

Pluto rules everything that’s hidden – literally and figuratively – and upheaval is the Plutonian way of creating change. This means unconscious behavior may come up for healing or unsavory business practices may come to light and require correction.

The way to be proactive with Pluto is to LET GO when you get the cue that something is over, finished or complete! Trying to hold on to a dead, redundant or outdated structure is asking for pain, so be honest with yourself. I’ve said it before and it’s appropriate now: Let go or be dragged!

On April 7th Saturn retrogrades from Libra back into Virgo. Now you get to revisit whatever was happening last November, which highlights relationships that appeared in your life and where you stand with them now. You won’t really know what is solid until mid-July when Saturn returns to Libra.

In the meantime, Saturn goes back into Virgo asking you to check that all is in order, mind the details (no glossing over anything!) and make sure that you have a solid foundation upon which to construct your new life.

This isn’t the glamorous part, but oh-so-necessary. You will be so grateful for all the attention you pay to practical matters, knowing that all is in order and from there you can be truly creative!

Speaking of order and details, Mercury will go Retrograde on April 17th so you will have plenty of time to get organized. This is your window of opportunity to take actions before Mercury Retrograde, so take care of business! – How to prepare for Mercury Retrograde?  Click here.

You have another week to file your Income Tax Returns and if you want to know the best times to file, I have a free report that will tell you exactly when to send them in! Really, this is one of the handiest astro tips ever!! Click here for your free report.

There is more action to come, but this is enough for now. Take baby steps and easy does it… but make sure you do it! And take very good care of yourself, especially when you’re dealing with a challenge or a “stretch.” This means eat healthy food, get plenty of rest, relaxation (a bath, massage, a walk in nature), and support.

Ask for help – you don’t have to do it alone!

Keep the vision of what you want to create in the forefront of your mind, always!  

“You’re picky about the car you drive. You’re picky about what you wear. You’re picky about what you put in your mouth. We want you to be pickier about what you think.” ~ Abraham

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