Pluto Retrograde and so much more… – April 24, 2020

I hope you set your New Moon Intentions on the New Moon in Taurus. If you didn’t, you can still do it now – having an intention for what you want to call into your life is a powerful North Star. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your creative power for good!

We have a week with lots of info, messages, change and intensity. A setup for drama, so I invite you to be on an “info diet” — monitor how much you take in and from which sources. Less is more, in my opinion.

When you react to everything you read/hear, it stirs you up, disempowers you, and feeds the collective consciousness. Drama creates overwhelm.

Pluto energy is high now, as it turns Retrograde tomorrow (April 25) and we’ll be feeling it all week. Pluto rules power, control, what’s hidden, as well as death and rebirth.

Avoid drama, conflicts and notice what’s ending (dying). It will be followed by a rebirth. It can be literal or figurative – and you can release anything past its due date in your life to help the process along (a job, relationship, attitudes or habits, physical objects). Check your own use of power, too (over or under).

Also on Sat, April 25, Mercury squares Pluto, indicating research, intense communications/info, obsession, manipulation. And later, Mercury squares Jupiter, which will broadcast the info that has been discovered or revealed.

Just so you know, Mercury (communication) squaring Pluto (power/control) and Jupiter (expansion) is a setup for DISinformation; spreading of conspiracy theories, false info designed to mislead, foreign influence (Jupiter is also foreigners/other cultures), so again, don’t blindly trust everything you hear or read. Consider the source, do YOUR research if you’re really interested, and continue watching to learn what is real as time goes on and the story unfolds.

Early Sun, April 27, the Sun conjuncts (sits on) unpredictable Uranus, which will bring a surprise or something shocking. Could be in your life – or a world leader. The whole weekend is fraught with potential intensity, stress and a feeling of being out control and of being controlled.

Uranus can bring blessings by instantly changing circumstances (internal or external), so don’t fear this aspect. Rather, get ready to roll with changes and be open. Higher perspective: Uranus and Pluto take what we no longer need for our soul’s journey, so trust the Intelligence that’s running this show :))

Mercury leaves impulsive Aries and moves into grounded Taurus on Mon, April 27, where it seeks practical info and solutions in thinking/communications. On April 28, Mercury squares Saturn, either hitting an obstacle or feeling some discouragement re: taking action, getting info, or answers received.

Mercury square Saturn may be frustration over the inability to access support for unemployment or healthcare. It may manifest as your own negative mind-set re: your present circumstances, your future, or bad news.

Don’t get too attached to your position, b/c on April 30, Mercury conjuncts Uranus (its Higher octave) and something brilliant will likely open up! Probably your mind!! Mercury-Uranus is genius, innovation, a new way of seeing things that changes the picture and/or exhilarating messages (literal or psychic, if you have that gift).

Quite a week we’re in for, so I suggest spending a good amount of time doing things that nourish your mind, heart and spirit. Read books that lift you up, be in nature when possible, listen to music you love, do your spiritual practices so you can find peace within and BE HERE NOW — not in the past or the future.

If you need help, please get it. There is so much available, no matter what your circumstances.

As always, I’m sending you love and my most heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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