Pluto Direct & Venus in Scorpio – Sept 28, 2018

The theme of the week is transformation: issues around power, control, what’s hidden, death and rebirth. We’ll experience it via Pluto and Scorpio, which creates upheaval – and it is a process, so don’t be discouraged or dismayed if you don’t see instant results. More will definitely be revealed as we proceed…

Pluto is dominating the landscape now as it Stations, preparing to go Direct on Sun, Sept 30. You can feel the intensity of old, repressed/hidden energy coming to light, and although it’s not pretty, it needs to be seen for the Greater Good of All. The shadow of the old, white patriarchy, which has held power for so long, is on display in shocking ways.

As Pluto moves forward, it retraces steps from Dec 2017, so think back to what you were dealing with and the territory you’ve covered since then. Now you will have the opportunity to bring a new perspective to the table as you engage, once again, with new eyes and wisdom.

On a practical note, watch for power struggles/control issues, especially on the weekend and early in the week. Rather than being in reaction, stay as mindful as possible to be IN your power.

When you are triggered, an old wound has been activated, showing you a piece within YOU that needs healing and care. The actions you take are most effective when you are in your center, so calm yourself before you react to any trigger now. And always. Then decide what you will do.

Venus (love, values, $$) went from harmonious Libra into passionate Scorpio on Sept 9 and Retrogrades on Fri, Oct 5 – Nov 16. This energy is already percolating and making itself felt. Venus desires nice, polite, “don’t rock the boat” connections, but in the sign of Scorpio, don’t play with her unless you mean it! No superficial sweet talk for this Venus.

Venus in Scorpio is deep, penetrating, magnetic and seductive, with trust issues, strong boundaries and a protective, private nature. She will NOT be hurt (again), hence the control issues. This is about emotional safety on a deep level (sometimes unconscious), with highly attuned intuition acting as the guard at the gate.

Venus is the feminine – and Scorpio is about power, control and bringing hidden issues to light. Scorpio (and Pluto) is all or nothing, so there’s no tentative actions here, no “toe in the water.” This is what’s happening now with the current political setup – the old, white patriarchy is facing off with the female collective that is ready to fight for their power and control.

Due to the Retrograde, Venus will stay in Scorpio until mid-Dec. Even if the Republican men win the Supreme Court nomination today, the women (and men who support them) will not be stopped. Watch. We came to be in the world for these dramatic experiences and changes, so take care of yourself and vote on election day to make your voice and position count, whatever it may be.

On Tues, Oct 2 Mercury (communication) squares Pluto (power), so watch out. Bite your tongue before you reveal something that creates lasting results unless you’re sure you want to go there. And even so, I would give it the old 24-hour rule just to check and be sure you still feel that way after this square separates.

You can expect hidden info to be revealed with Mercury-Pluto that will change the picture – something significant, whether personal for you or something that affects you via the collective or others. This is often a game-changer. Stay tuned…

Reminder: Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer archetype) went Retrograde in Pisces two days ago (Sept 26 – mid-Feb ’19). Pisces rules compassion, empathy and Oneness. Lower expressions are sacrifice and suffering, delusion and confusion. Although our world is operating in duality right now, you can still hold the vision of Oneness from a higher level. Having compassion for yourself and others is helpful, as we all miss the mark at times, no matter how good our intentions.

You need to do whatever is necessary to create a balanced, healthy and supportive space during this time in our trajectory. For those who were alive in the 60s during Vietnam and the civil rights era – remember, we had no social media or cell phones with news/opinions 24/7. Our info was limited to the newspaper and the few TV channels with network news. Or people we actually spoke with, so it felt different.

Young people are having a totally different life experience than we are – as we had a totally different experience than our parents did. Such is life. And we are here now to be part of the solution.

Take good care of yourself. Your presence is important.

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