Pluto Direct – October 2020

I’ll set the stage for the week by reminding you that Jupiter (expansion) turned Direct on Sept 12 and Saturn (structure) followed Direct on Sept 29, but Saturn is barely moving, amplifying its reverberation and creating delays, obstacles and a feeling stuckness/heaviness. 

Patience is your ally with this energy, as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all still in Capricorn, sign of methodical actions and strategic planning. So don’t try to rush anything, because it won’t work, especially with Mars (action) squaring Saturn. 

Venus goes from indulgent Leo into analytical Virgo today for the month of Oct, focused on practical solutions in relationships, financial issues, your style and what you value. Love = service with Venus in Virgo, so helping those you care about is an expression of your heart. 

This is also a good time to prune your wardrobe, toss old beauty products or refresh your look with a critical eye (reality check, being honest with yourself). You can create new rituals or systems that serve Self-love and your well being.

On Oct 4, Pluto (power, transformation) turns Direct just a few degrees from Saturn, aligning both of the heavyweights in Capricorn on a mission to begin rebuilding what has been destroyed and torn down over the past few years, personally and globally.

Pluto Direct can activate renewed ways of experiencing empowerment, especially if you did your work during the Retrograde, to face non-working efforts or patterns that don’t serve your evolving Self. Now you can go forward as a new Being, shapeshifted. If there’s more work to be done, old structures will end or die, as the dismantling must happen before the rebuild can take place. What to do? Align with the energy rather than resisting it, be willing to let go and step into your power.

Pluto transits are a process, so don’t expect instant results, especially with Saturn blocking Mars (action). The intensity of excavating what’s been hidden – overtly or via the unconscious, and then arising slowly as an evolving creation, is the experience of a Pluto transit; the death of the old and a rebirth of the new. It unfolds very slowly, and if this touches you personally, you’ve been living through it for a while. You will emerge in the weeks and months ahead, like a Phoenix rising.

Pluto can force you to experience your fears and worst case scenarios, but the productive outcome is that you discover your power to handle difficult or tragic circumstances. Every time you face your fears or a crisis, you are building internal muscle that will serve you going forward. Experience allows you to transform and come into your true power; everything else is an idea, theory (in the mind) or someone else’s experience. Transformation is a result of your personal path and transcending old limiting beliefs. 

One more thing about Pluto: the experience of being violated (hard Pluto aspect = boundary invasion), is so profound that it leaves you with trust issues (the ego’s way of making sure that it never happens again). Integrating (healing) your trust issues is major Pluto work – so even if you have overcome disempowerment and can take care of yourself, you still need to handle the trust issues that create protection, suspicion, and separation from others.

Mercury opposes Uranus on Oct 7, allowing you to receive new info, shift your thinking, change your mind – and access your own genius (Uranus is the higher octave of the Mercury mind) to create something or solve a problem. Maybe a Mars square Saturn issue has you feeling blocked, and Mercury-Uranus delivers an option out of left field. This duo offers infinite possibilities and potential!

Especially in times like this, thinking out of the box is a valuable skill to practice and develop. Let’s face it, our familiar “box” has crashed and we need fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to forge our future in effective ways. 

Mercury-Uranus defies the way we’ve always done it, in order to download or channel a radical departure. We ALL have extraordinary untapped potential available, so allow yourself to brainstorm, explore and play around with ideas, visions, solutions and see what you come up with. You never know how you may surprise yourself… 

To recap, the heavy Capricorn planets will all be Direct by next week, which is a huge change, but Mars (warrior) is squaring Saturn and will be squaring Pluto by Oct 9, so there are still major conflicts and power struggles as we move forward. It’s not easy or pretty, but you can focus on making it productive for you by letting go of what you need to – and showing up to do your work.

Also, Mercury Retrograde begins Oct 13-Nov 3 (Election Day), so make any major purchases asap and back up your data for Self-care. This month will test our ability to stay present and grounded with chaos and conflict, but you don’t have to engage in mudslinging or low level activity.

Rather, focus on what you need to do for yourself. If you use social media, be conscious of why you’re using it (to connect with friends, seek or offer inspiration, promote your work?) and don’t let it use you. Be smart, stay high, and take good care of yourself. 

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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