Pluto Direct, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio – Oct 4, 2019

This is a different experience of the annual Sun in Libra, because rather than the usual Libra focus on peace, harmony and relationships, we have another energy that is dominating the playing field – and will be for a while.

Pluto (power) went Direct on Oct 3 and its intense effects are magnified when it’s still. Pluto is moving forward slowly, with Saturn (Authority) eventually joining it, exact on Jan 12, 2020 at 22º Capricorn. If this hits you personally, you/your life is being transformed in a significant way.

Mercury (mind) went into Scorpio when Pluto turned Direct, so that escalates the powerful detective energy of looking for what’s hidden and what is real. Digging deep to find the truth. This intensity, along with Pluto Direct, brings up hidden truths that change the playing field.

Because Mercury Retrogrades on Oct 31, it will be in Scorpio for two months. That’s a long time for a deep Mercury in Scorpio transit, so wherever Scorpio is in your chart, that’s an area of focus until the second week of December. Remember to take actions toward anything new you want to create or make major purchases now, before Mercury slows down later this month.

Early today Mars (warrior) moved into diplomatic Libra, not the easiest place for Mars that likes direct action. Venus-ruled Libra seeks harmony, connection and mediation; a win-win, rather than a winner. .

Libra also rules justice, so watch the warrior planet fight for what is right in the coming six weeks. Because Libra sees all sides of an issue, decisions may be more difficult if you’re facing an area that’s unclear for you. Second-guessing yourself can undermine progress and keep you stuck, so trust your intuition if you find yourself in a mental ping-pong game.

Mars in Venus-ruled Libra can also be passive-aggressive by expressing anger via withholding, sugar-coated criticism or attacks, or maybe with a simple, “Bless his/her heart,” if you’re from the south :))

Do yourself (and everyone) a favor – if you are angry (or frustrated, annoyed, critical, discontent, irritable, resentful, offended), feel into what you need. Anger is an emotion that makes you feel powerful, whereas underneath is hurt or vulnerability that you really don’t want to feel. Powerlessness. And that vulnerability speaks to an unmet need.

Discerning what you need – and then finding a way to get that need met is the antidote for anger. Don’t project onto others, do something to change the situation. And if you can’t change the situation, change your attitude or way of seeing things to empower yourself.

On Mon, Oct 7 Mercury opposes Uranus, so expect a surprise communication, idea or unexpected u-turn by someone (maybe you!). The pace of incoming info may be hectic, jangling your nerves. Mercury in Scorpio really doesn’t like surprises, you know, as Scorpio likes to be in control. Watch your words; things may fly out of your mouth that are challenging for others. Travel plans, tech or schedules may have to be adjusted, so be flexible and breathe…

Also on Mon, Oct 7, the Sun squares Saturn, indicating a roadblock in your work or extra (hard) work. Or perhaps a feeling of rejection. Rather than getting discouraged, just do your work and be as methodical as you can. Your efforts feed your self-esteem and re: the obstacle, this too, shall pass.

Venus in Scorpio is magnetic, with a power of seduction that can mesmerize you (and others), and it is willing to go into the dark to access the inner core of an issue or experience. Venus moves into Scorpio on Tue, Oct 8, which activates a deep experience of what you value, $$, love, relationships, creativity and Self-esteem. Venus in Scorpio is magnetic, with a power of seduction that can mesmerize you (and others), and it is willing to go into the dark to access the inner core of an issue or experience.

All the way; all or nothing. That’s Venus, Mercury and Pluto Direct together. This energy is perfect for investigation and personal transformation, if you are willing to get real and be honest with yourself about your darker aspects.

Facing your shadow can be a challenge to your ego, but it’s a relief when you finally release the story to access your deepest truth and reality. Every time. And there are layers and layers of consciousness, so it’s an ongoing evolution, peeling back the onion.

If something is causing you pain or discomfort, the invitation is to explore to find a path of opportunity to create something more aligned with who/where you are. And handle any non-working patterns so you don’t recreate them in your next experience.

Rather than resisting the intensity, I suggest using it for your transformation, which is a relief when you’re having difficulty.

The next week is prime time for making decisions and taking actions toward activating your future, before Mercury Retrogrades Oct 31-Nov 20 and Jupiter leaves Sagittarius on Dec 2, moving into Capricorn.

There’s a lot of intensity and this is a preview of coming attractions in 2020. Watch for hidden gifts as well truths that are revealed going forward. Stay high and take good care!


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