Pluto Direct / Full Moon in Aries – Sept/Oct 2017

We are in a major process of transformation. I hope you truly get that, because the only way to make sense of what’s happening is to understand the big picture and then do the best your can for yourself, others and the world.

Anything unwanted that is currently in your face is something you are being asked to integrate into your consciousness. It has come up to be seen, recognized and released. High level work. Big payoff. Freedom, empowerment and a higher vibration.

We’re still in the aftermath of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which may have brought unexpected changes or new awarenesses that you had never realized before about yourself, another or the collective.

This new perspective informs your decisions and how you move forward from here. The invitation is to filter information through your Higher Self and decide what is in integrity for you, rather than being obedient to, or rebelling against another’s beliefs.

Pluto (power, transformation) facilitates revelations and endings that serve the Higher Good from a big picture perspective. From a 3D human view, it can be challenging to witness suffering and/or to feel it yourself. Impeccable care is called for. Globally, we see the effects of weather events and the behavior of humans in positions of power.

All this energy points to a new reality check. Where are you? This is a time when shadows are illuminated and we are faced with a reality that can be sobering and stark. How you respond is the part that is up to you. Attack or support? Help or criticize? Focus on problems or solutions? What are you contributing to the mix?

Venus opposes Neptune today (earthly love vs. Divine Love), which is a setup for idealism and escapism or creative and spiritual pursuits. Chill. Go inward and seek peace, make music, art, love. Something soothing. Nurture your spirit.

The weekend begins with Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish Holidays, the Day of Atonement. It is a soft, beautiful energy – and then on Sunday Mars (action) trines Pluto (power), creating a smooth flow of events. This is a great day to make things happen if you need to ask, take action or create something special.

Life smooths out on Monday as Venus and Mars move together all week. This activates creativity, as well as passionate, playful energy. Sweet. We can use it!

Venus + Mars connect exactly on the Full Moon in Aries on Wed, Oct 5th at 12:40pm EDT. Aries is the maverick, the pioneer, the warrior, and with this energy, you want it YOUR way – direct, energetic and action-oriented.  Libra is the other-oriented, sign of peace, harmony, balance and beauty. Libra is “the mirror,” who desires compromise, connection and loves a win-win (a Libra dream come true!)

The task is to assess your ability to take action and be assertive without being a steamroller vs. your willingness to compromise without sacrificing your own needs. Check in with yourself and see what needs adjusting so that your masculine/feminine aspects are in balance, therefore making you more effective in your life as well as in the world.

Whatever you’re attracting in your life that you don’t like is mirroring some part of you that’s unconscious, and you’ve called it in to awaken you. Pluto is squaring this Full Moon, so when people or aspects of life feel oppressive, slow down and check in with yourself.

Have you given up your power and called in a bully or manipulator to reflect that? Or are you the dominant  player? These are just two sides of one coin and Pluto brings power struggles. If you’re confronted with this energy, don’t engage. I suggest you step back and go within to find your part in the drama.

Are you seeking Ego Power or empowerment? Ego power wants to win. Empowerment is about being in truth with compassion; creating what you desire aligned with your integrity and the Greater Good.

You may discover that you are operating in ways that surprise or even horrify you – not at all what you intended – but don’t resist the information. Awareness provides you with the opportunity to heal shadow energy – and seek help if you aren’t able to correct it yourself.

We are in the deep water, my friends. Do you work knowing that it will help you and help the world. Choose the high road, but don’t do a spiritual bypass and pretend that the darkness isn’t there. It is. Rather, turn on the Light.

Namaste friends. We’re on a mission…

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